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      BoCox ED Treatment in San Antonio, TX

      BoCox ED Treatment in San Antonio, TX

      More than half the population of men in the U.S. experience issues related to erectile dysfunction (ED). Therapeutic BOTOX® for ED – known as BoCox™ or BoCox ED - is an erectile dysfunction treatment that can have a profound impact on male sexual function after just one treatment. With concerns ranging from problems achieving or maintaining an erection to premature ejaculation or even difficulty reaching orgasm, in studies, men treated with BoCox ED saw stronger erections with improved performance and even increased size. After treatment, improved sexual performance was seen in most men for three months and up to six months or longer in some men.

      The treatment also helps heal and repair the lining of blood vessels, so unlike Viagra or other drugs designed to improve sexual performance, BoCox ED can help reverse and even cure erectile dysfunction. Plus, BoCox ED oftentimes works when other ED options have failed.

      At the Wellness and Aesthetics Medical Center in San Antonio, TX, we offer the most up-to-date evaluation and treatment methods to effectively and safely address erectile dysfunction so you can feel and perform your best sexually.

      If you are ready to see what BoCox ED can do for you, call and speak with one of our specialists at (210) 985-1700 or contact us online today!

      What is BOCOX ED?

      BoCox ED is a minimally invasive treatment method using BOTOX® to Improve not only the function, but the relative size of a man’s fully-erect penis.

      It involves the injection of 50 units of BOTOX on each side of the corpus cavernosum muscle of the penis. The injections work to relax the penile muscles, allowing blood to fill the penis more easily and effectively, thus enabling the penis to reach full erection, with increased size and function.

      Any man is a candidate for BoCox ED, but these injections are particularly suitable for men who cannot tolerate other treatments for ED – like Cialis, the P-shot or Viagra - because of specific contraindications.

      For men that can tolerate the P-shot, BoCox ED can be used together with the P-shot for even stronger erections and penile performance.

      What does BOCOX ED treat?

      No one else’s sexual experience is the same as yours. There are many factors contributing to your sexual health and any symptoms you may be experiencing. Our approach to addressing your overall symptoms will be comprehensive and thorough. BoCox ED is one more powerful tool in our toolkit. BoCox ED is particularly effective in treating:

      • Erectile dysfunction
      • Problems maintaining erections
      • Premature ejaculation
      • Weak or limp erections
      • Difficulty reaching orgasm or less satisfying orgasms
      • Concerns regarding length and girth of penis
      • Overall sexual function

      Taking into consideration your medical condition, age and specific concerns, we tailor a treatment plan to address your specific needs. Our team at the Wellness and Aesthetics Medical Center takes the time to listen and understand your concerns and, most importantly, we can help you plan and achieve all of your sexual health goals.

      Benefits of BOCOX ED

      With a personalized treatment plan – and a one-time BoCox ED treatment – your sexual function could be impacted profoundly.

      Clinical Studies show that BoCox ED can dramatically improve sexual performance in men for at least three months and up to six months or longer. Below are just some of the benefits that come from using BOCOX ED for your erectile dysfunction concerns:

      • Boosts overall erection quality
      • Can be effective even when other ED approaches haven’t worked
      • Addresses a variety of ED conditions
      • Only 1 treatment needed
      • Minimally invasive procedure
      • No downtime, so you can resume normal activity level after treatment
      • Lasting results – up six months or longer
      • Few to no side effects
      • Quick procedure with minimal discomfort
      • Good safety profile
      • Builds confidence and boosts self-esteem
      • Can be combined with the P-shot procedure for synergistic improvements in erection firmness and penile performance

      At The Wellness & Aesthetics Medical Center, we recognize that each individual requires a treatment regimen customized specifically in line with the overall health profile and specific symptoms. We recommend that you compile a list of symptoms prior to your first consultation.

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

      How does BOCOX ED work?

      Treatment of the penis with BoCox ED injections is understood to improve erections by relaxing the smooth muscle that controls blood flow into the penis, allowing more blood to enter. It blocks nerve signals that usually constrict these muscles, so even more blood is able to enter the organ. A male erection occurs through parasympathetic dominance, and BoCox ED is understood to affect the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system balance within a man’s penis.

      How quickly will I see results?

      BoCox ED treatment results vary from patient to patient. Initial improvement may begin after the first several days but it may take up to 6 weeks to see full results. Best results are usually seen in the first three months but can last for 6 months or longer.

      Is BOCOX ED safe?

      BOTOX treatments have been used safely for over 20 years. The BoCox ED procedure uses comparable doses routinely used for the off-label treatment of facial wrinkles. In fact, BoCox ED uses less BOTOX than the dose recommended by the FDA to treat migraines.

      What can I expect to experience during the treatment?

      The BoCox ED procedure is virtually painless. We can use a skin numbing gel before the injection and then use targeted local anesthetic injections to numb the penis before performing the procedure. We also offer nitrous oxide sedation if needed. Your experience should never be painful.

      What type of aftercare is needed?

      Because it is a completely non-invasive procedure, there is no aftercare needed for BoCox ED treatment. Your practitioner will work with you if you need a specific aftercare protocol due to individual concerns

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