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      Dream Body System in San Antonio, TX

      Dream Body System in San Antonio, TX

      Does effortless, rapid, medically supervised weight loss of 1-2 pounds a day sound too good to be true? It’s actually a dream come true for most weight loss patients. A peer-reviewed study of the Dream Body System showed rapid, clinically significant weight loss results with little to no hunger and no significant safety complications – and your success is guaranteed.

      The Dream Body System is a clinically proven European method tried by over 40,000 patients that has been improved, patented and proven in the U.S. since 2011.

      At the Wellness and Aesthetics Medical Center in San Antonio, TX, we have always offered the most up-to-date evaluation and treatment methods to effectively and safely address your weight concerns – and the Dream Body System is a powerful tool in our toolkit.

      If you are ready to see what the Dream Body System can do for you, call and speak with one of our specialists at (210) 985-1700 or contact us online today!

      What is the DREAM BODY SYSTEM?

      The Dream Body System is a clinically proven approach to weight loss that helps men and women rapidly eliminate excess body weight, while significantly improving or even reversing weight-related health conditions like heart disease and diabetes.

      Medical supervision is an important part of the program. It has an impressive safety profile, and anyone is a candidate for Dream Body System.

      The system is well tolerated in 97% of patients - and effective 98% of the time

      How does the DREAM BODY SYSTEM work?

      Our Dream Body System patients receive a proprietary nutritional formula for 10 days that gets you into profound ketosis in just 4-5 hours – instead of the days normally required to achieve ketosis utilizing a normal keto diet. Patients lose an average of 12.8 pounds in 10 days.

      You engage in the program for 10 days at a time, taking “rests” between the 10-day cycles – and you can repeat cycles as often as needed to reach your weight loss goals. The number of days you wait in between cycles and the total number of cycles you ultimately complete is a decision you will make with your medical team at the Wellness & Aesthetics Medical Center.

      Dream Body induces a state of profound ketosis not easily reached with traditional keto diets. Part of the reason is that it is hard to achieve 0 carbs in your daily eating plan. Not only does the Dream Body patented nutritional formula have 0 carbs, but it utilizes a special plant-based oil in the formulation that has been shown to greatly increase ketone production in the liver. It also delivers a wholesome blend of protein, vitamins, trace minerals and healthy fats.

      The best part is that most people report feeling little to no hunger. It’s so much easier to follow a nutrition plan when you’re not battling the overwhelming hunger that accompanies most diets. Even the most determined people discover willpower has its limits. The Dream Body System takes willpower out of the equation.

      There are many factors contributing to your struggles with weight and the complications and symptoms you may be experiencing. Our approach to addressing your weight concerns will be comprehensive and thorough.

      Taking into consideration your medical condition, age and specific concerns, we tailor an overall treatment plan to address your specific needs. Our team at the Wellness and Aesthetics Medical Center takes the time to listen and understand your concerns and, most importantly, we can help you plan and achieve all of your weight loss and wellness goals.

      Benefits of DREAM BODY SYSTEM

      With a personalized treatment plan, the Dream Body System can be a game changer in your struggles to lose weight and keep it off. The Dream Body System can dramatically improve the health concerns related to excess weight.

      Below are just some of the benefits that come from using the Dream Body System:

      • Completely non-invasive
      • Medically supervised
      • No drugs or hormones
      • No expensive foods to purchase and no investment of time shopping for and preparing food
      • Reasonable cost comparable to other weight loss programs
      • Effective even when other weight loss approaches haven’t worked
      • No downtime, so you can continue normal activity levels
      • Lasting results
      • Negligible or no side effects
      • Good safety profile
      • Builds confidence and boosts self-esteem
      • Can radically improve medical conditions associated with excess weight

      At The Wellness & Aesthetics Medical Center, we recognize that each individual requires a treatment regimen customized specifically in line with the overall health profile and specific symptoms. We recommend that you compile a list of your overall health and weight loss concerns and symptoms prior to your first consultation.

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      How Is this program different from other weight loss solution?

      The difference is hunger. It is normal to feel hungry or deprived when attempting to lose weight. This is your body’s hunger response to a caloric deficiency. Eventually your willpower tends to run out and your hunger takes over. The Dream Body System is different from other weight loss systems because patients experience little to no hunger - while rapidly losing weight. No hunger means very little willpower is needed to succeed.

      There are other factors too that ensure your success and safety using this plan: medical supervision, rapid weight loss, no food choices to content with, and more - all contained in a comprehensive medical weight loss plan designed to guarantee success.

      How quickly will I see results?

      Dream Body System treatment results vary from patient to patient, but most patients experience weight loss on the very first day and lose up to 12 pounds in the first 10-day cycle. You can repeat the 10-day cycle over and over until you reach your goal weight – which can happen amazingly quickly with this program.

      Is the DREAM BODY SYSTEM safe?

      The Dream Body System is a clinically proven European method tried by over 40,000 patients that has been improved, patented and proven in the U.S. since 2011. There are no significant safety concerns or complications.

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