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      Energy Medicine and Energy Healing

      Energy Medicine San Antonio

      The principal of physics teaches us that everything in our world is made of energy fields. These energy fields exchange information through the principle of resonance and have helped to shape our lives and current health states.

      Every cell of every tissue in your body emits radiations and is characterized by its own oscillation. With proper tools, you can decode these radiating waves, pinpoint health issues to specific areas of your body and access all internal and external information stored within your DNA.

      To learn more about energy medicine and healing, or to schedule an appointment, contact The Wellness and Aesthetics Medical Center today at (210) 985-1700.

      Bioresonance Analysis of Health (B.A.H.)

      Bioresonance Analysis of Health (B.A.H.) is a medical diagnostic and evaluation system used to evaluate all facets of patient health.

      Through the draw of a drop of blood, B.A.H. is able to identify any dysfunction, imbalance or underlying cause of an illness to create a treatment plan tailored to the unique needs of each patient.

      It does this by using the Lecher Instrument, an apparatus that can accurately measure wavelengths and oscillations from the human body.

      Energy Medicine

      How does it work?

      After a physical evaluation, a member of The Wellness & Aesthetics Medical Center will draw a drop of your blood and prepare it for analysis. Using highly sophisticated processing, your analysis will be completed within a few days. This information will be incorporated into our Executive Health Evaluation Report (EHE).

      Your comprehensive analysis will contain detailed information on many aspects of your health including:

      • Energy dysfunctions
      • Toxicity levels
      • Cell to cell communications
      • Autonomic nervous system
      • Pathogens
      • Geopathic, electromagnetic
        and psychological stressors
      • Heavy metals toxicities
      • Scale of consciousness
      • Tissue pH levels
      • Nutritional deficiencies
      • Allergies
      • Microbial imbalances
      • Neoplastic process
      • Most damaged organs
      • Dysfunction priority

      Individualized Treatment Program

      Using the information collected from the Lecher Instrument, your medical history, physical exam, laboratory evaluation and in-house testing, The Wellness & Aesthetics Medical Center will create an all-encompassing treatment program (EHE) to fully restore your health, rather than treating a disease or dysfunction symptomatically.

      With great precision, B.A.H. establishes dosing, frequency and length of any warranted treatment. No two treatment programs are alike; your program will include a range of allopathic and biological modalities to treat the root cause of your medical conditions including:

      • ACMOS energy balancing
      • Spagyric medicine
      • Homeopathy
      • Oligotherapy
      • Herbology
      • Chelation
      • Isopathy
      • Organotherapy
      • Nutrition
      • Emotional therapies
      • Miasmatic therapies
      • Spiral/ consciousness awareness
      • Pathology of matter treatments
      • Emotional Therapies
      • Moral awareness
      • Pharmaceutical drugs
      • Therapeutic procedures
      • Surgery
      • Radiation therapy
      • Physical medicine modalities
      • Psychological methods
      • Psychiatric therapies

      Energy as Medicine

      The current state of traditional medicine is only equipped to manage symptoms of chronic disease. Operating like an assembly line, the solution for most patients becomes a pill but does not address underlying cause of disease.

      B.A.H. has the power to disrupt the current state of medicine; ensuring patients receive the most effective treatment, fit for their unique circumstances.

      To learn more about B.A.H and energy medicine, or to schedule an appointment, contact The Wellness and Aesthetics Medical Center today at (210) 985-1700.

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      Energy Medicine

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