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      Treatment for Hot Flashes in San Antonio, TX

      Treatment for Hot Flashes in San Antonio, TX

      Women experience telltale symptoms of menopause when estrogen and progesterone levels begin to decline. Sexual function changes, brain fog appears, and metabolism slows down – but hot flashes are usually the first and most dramatic symptom of the menopausal transition.

      Some women have reported being drenched in sweat in the middle of an important presentation – noticeably so. Not only the discomfort, but the humiliation that can often occur when hot flashes unexpectedly occur in public, drive women who are suffering from pre-menopause and menopause symptoms to their doctor’s office for relief.

      At the Wellness and Aesthetics Medical Center in San Antonio, TX, we offer the most up-to-date evaluation and treatment for hot flashes so you reach a state of complete freedom from these troubling symptoms of menopause.

      Hot flashes can signal hormone imbalances other than menopause, and they can also be a symptom of a number of other underlying conditions, including cancer. Call and speak with one of our specialists today! Call (210) 985-1700 or contact us online today!

      What are Hot Flashes?

      Hot flashes usually involve a sudden onset of intense heat in the chest, neck and face, usually combined with profuse sweating, increased heartbeat and flushed or reddened skin. Severe hot flashes may be accompanied with feelings of disorientation, anxiety or panic. Hot flashes that occur at night are called night sweats and can disrupt sleep patterns.

      Frequency and intensity vary among women and can vary at different stages of the transition to menopause. Hot flashes last from less than a minute up to five minutes, and sometimes even longer. The average woman who experiences hot flashes reports daily attacks. Some women struggle with hot flashes for up to 10 years.

      Not all women experience hot flashes. There has been some research showing that women who experience hot flashes could experience more bone loss and be at increased risk of heart disease.

      Causes of Hot Flashes

      Hot flashes are usually a symptom of pre-menopause or menopause, but rarely they can be caused by other medical, psychological or even environmental conditions. Potential causes include:

      • Hormonal shifts during pregnancy, menstrual cycles or menopause
      • Thyroid dysfunction
      • Cancer or cancer treatments
      • Extremely spicy foods
      • Extreme adrenal response
      • High stress levels or reactions to trauma
      • Specific medications, supplements or recreational drug use
      • Severe mental health crises

      Hot flashes can occur at any age in either gender, but it is most common in women during the transition to menopause.

      Symptoms of Hot Flashes

      Symptoms of Hot flashes can include:

      • Sudden onset of intense heat in the chest, neck and face
      • Profuse sweating
      • Increased heartbeat
      • Flushed or reddened skin
      • Disorientation, anxiety or panic
      • Feeling chilled once the episode diminishes

      Diagnosing the Cause of Your Hot Flashes

      Hot flashes are usually diagnosed from your medical history and list of symptoms, as well as hormone testing, and any other tests that may be required to rule out underlying conditions.

      At The Wellness & Aesthetics Medical Center we understand that the proper diagnosis and treatment is critical if you are experiencing Hot Flashes in order to achieve a successful outcome.

      Treating Hot Flashes

      The underlying cause of your hot flashes must be determined before effective treatment can occur. For example, if a certain medication or supplement is the causing your hot flashes, it must be identified and discontinued. If a thyroid dysfunction is the underlying cause, it must be diagnosed and treated. However, if your hot flashes are simply an expected symptom of the transition into menopause, a decision can be made about hormone replacement or other interventions, including:

      • Hormone testing to treat hormone imbalances that may be causing your Hot Flashes
      • Developing a medical nutrition plan to help with menopause symptoms
      • Assessing vitamin levels for optimal nutrition, and taking adequate doses of vitamins and mineral supplementation, while removing supplements that may be worsening your menopause symptoms

      At The Wellness & Aesthetics Medical Center, we recognize that each individual requires a healing regimen customized specifically in line with the overall health profile and specific symptoms. We recommend that you compile a list of your menopause symptoms prior to your first consultation.

      Request Your Consultation Today

      Dr. Vernon F. Williams is an expert in the field of functional medicine. Learn more about his training and expertise in treating hot flashes and underlying complex medical conditions.

      Compile your symptoms checklist and call The Wellness & Aesthetics Medical Center at (210) 985-1700 or contact us online today!

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


      You are likely experiencing Hot Flashes if you are transitioning to menopause and have other menopause-related symptoms, especially if you exhibit telltale symptoms of Hot Flashes, like intense warmth in your upper body, skin redness, profuse sweating, elevated heartbeat and possibly anxiety.


      For most women, Hot Flashes are a normal side effect of the transition to menopause. If you are not having extreme or frequent Hot Flashes, you may choose to allow them to run their course. Be aware, however, that some women have experienced Hot Flashes for up to 10 years.

      If you are not experiencing a transition into menopause, it is essential to uncover any medication, supplement, or underlying condition that may be causing your Hot Flashes.


      In some cases, when Hot Flashes are caused by an underlying condition that can be treated and resolved - or a certain medication or supplement that can be discontinued or replaced – freedom from Hot Flashes can be accomplished. In other cases, ongoing interventions may be required to resolve your symptoms – like hormone therapy. In either case, our goal is to determine the cause of your Hot Flashes and develop a customized treatment plan, to ensure that you can become symptom-free.


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