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      Fighting Cancer with a Holistic Approach

      Everyone has cancer. Our bodies are intricate networks of over 100 trillion cells, with a daily turnover that sees thousands potentially mutating into cancer cells. Yet, a strong immune system typically prevents these mutations from progressing into cancer by eliminating them early on.

      If you get cancer, what can you do? To fight cancer, we need to starve the cancer cells by taking away their favorite food (sugar) and strengthen our immune system.

      Unfortunately, this approach is very inexpensive and would not net the American Cancer Society (ACS) the huge profits they desire. Once diagnosed with cancer, you are worth over 300 thousand dollars to the ACS.

      To learn more about how we help support cancer patients, call today to speak with a leading holistic physician in San Antonio, TX. Call (210) 985-1700 or contact us online to schedule your first consultation!

      Traditional Cancer Care

      Traditional cancer therapy is designed around chemotherapy and radiation therapy. The cure rate has not significantly improved in the past 40 years despite improvement in early diagnosis.

      According to Ralph Moss in his book “Questioning Chemotherapy”, in a surprisingly high number of surveys, chemotherapists have responded that they would neither recommend chemotherapy for their families nor themselves. Dr. Dan Harper reported that in a study, only 9% of oncologists would take chemotherapy for their own cancer.

      Chemotherapy is like killing an ant with a nuclear weapon. Chemo kills all your cells indiscriminately. It kills your brain cells, heart cells, muscle cells, kidney cells, liver cells, lung cells, blood cells, bone cells, intestinal cells, and immune cells. People who die do so from infections and malnutrition, not from cancer.

      This is why, at the Wellness & Aesthetics Medical Center in San Antonio, we take strategic actions to notably reduce the growth potential of cancer cells by limiting their main energy source, sugar, while simultaneously bolstering the immune system. This strategy is both practical and cost-effective, presenting a clear alternative to the profit-oriented approaches typical of conventional cancer care.

      Cancer Support Through IV Nutrition

      At the Wellness & Aesthetics Medical Center, we advocate for an innovative approach to supporting individuals with cancer: IV Nutrition and supporting your energy and immune system. This strategy focuses on reinforcing the body’s natural defenses and promoting health and vitality. Through IV Nutrition, we can aid the body's fight against cancer while boosting energy levels.

      What is IV Nutrition for Cancer?

      IV Nutrition for cancer involves administering a tailored mix of nutrients directly into the bloodstream. This method bypasses the digestive system, ensuring maximum absorption of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants essential for supporting the body’s immune response and overall vitality during cancer.

      What are the Benefits of IV Nutrition?

      • Enhanced Immune System: By providing the body with high concentrations of immune-boosting nutrients, IV Nutrition supports the body’s natural defense mechanisms.
      • Optimal Nutrient Absorption: Direct bloodstream delivery ensures that nutrients are more effectively utilized by the body.
      • Increased Energy Levels: Nutrients essential for energy production can help maintain and improve energy levels, vital for cancer patients.
      • Supports Overall Well-being: Beyond targeting cancer, IV Nutrition promotes general health, aiding in detoxification and improving quality of life.

      How can IV Nutrition Support your Energy, Nutritional, and Immune Needs?

      IV Nutrition is designed to address the specific challenges faced by those with cancer, providing a targeted approach to support energy production, nutritional balance, and immune function. By tailoring nutrient combinations to individual needs, this approach can significantly contribute to maintaining physical strength and vitality.

      Why are Alternative Cancer Support Options Important?

      Exploring alternative support options like IV Nutrition is crucial for several reasons:

      • Complementing Conventional Care: It can serve as a valuable adjunct to traditional treatments, offering holistic support.
      • Empowering Patient Choice: Providing options enables individuals to take an active role in their care, tailoring support to their unique needs.
      • Focusing on Quality of Life: These alternatives often prioritize not just survival but the quality of life, addressing side effects and improving overall well-being.

      If you have cancer, integrating supportive measures such as IV Nutrition and additional energy/immune support can be instrumental in maintaining energy, nutritional balance, and immune strength. The Wellness & Aesthetics Medical Center is committed to a supportive and holistic approach, empowering you toward wellness on your cancer journey.

      If you are ready to fight cancer with a holistic approach, call today to speak with a leading holistic physician in San Antonio, TX. Call (210) 985-1700 or contact us online to schedule your first consultation!

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