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      Alternative Cancer Treatment in San Antonio, TX

      Everyone has cancer. We have over 100 trillion cells in our body. Every day, thousands mutate into cancer cells. Most of these do not progress to cancer. Our strong immune system destroys the mutated cells before they can spread.

      If you get cancer, what can you do? To fight cancer, we need to starve the cancer cells by taking away their favorite food (sugar) and strengthen our immune system. Unfortunately, this approach is very inexpensive and would not net the American Cancer Society (ACS) the huge profits they desire. Once diagnosed with cancer you are worth over 300 thousand dollars to the ACS.

      Traditional cancer therapy is designed around chemotherapy and radiation therapy. The cure rate has not significantly improved in the past 40 years despite improvement in early diagnosis.

      According to Ralph Moss in his book Questioning Chemotherapy, in a surprisingly high number of surveys, chemotherapist have responded that they would neither recommend chemotherapy for their families or themselves. Dr. Dan Harper reported that in a study only 9 percent of oncologist would take chemotherapy for their own cancer.

      Chemotherapy is like killing an ant with a nuclear weapon. Chemo kills all your cells indiscriminately. It kills your brain cells, heart cells, muscle cells, kidney cells, liver cells, lung cells, blood cells, bone cells, intestinal cells and immune cells. People that die do so from infections and malnutrition, not from the cancer.

      Alternative Cancer Treatments

      Integrative or alternative cancer therapy’s goal is to destroy the cancer cells while keeping you healthy and energized. When you have cancer, your immune system is weakened so it cannot fight the cancer. We need to strengthen our immune system and give our body the raw material (tools) to fight the cancer. We need to optimize your hormones and clean up your leaky gut so your GI track can be more efficient in getting all the raw materials from the food you eat. It is also critical to detoxify so your body can perform as if you gave it a tune up. Drinking better water, raw materials, decreasing sugar (eating low glycemic foods) intake, as well as consuming more healthy vegetables and meats will also support integrative cancer treatment

      At The Wellness & Aesthetics Medical Center, we use IV Nutrition to give you high dose minerals, vitamins, glutathione, phosphatidylcholine, ozone, hydrogen peroxide and chelation.

      We optimize your hormones, clean up your GI tract, detoxify you, and improve your nutrition.

      In short, we give your body all the tools need to fight for your survival. Unfortunately, most patients present after traditional medicine destroys the body (kills your cells) with chemo and releases you to hospice to die. They have given up on you and told you there is nothing else they can do. Getting you into our office earlier would definitely improve your outcome.

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