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      What is Lasercap®?

      LaserCap® is a physician only, portable home use therapeutic device that uses low level laser light therapy (LLLT) to promote hair growth in males and females with hair loss.

      LaserCap® has 224 individual 650nm, 5mW lasers in a flexible dome-shaped membrane that fits comfortably in almost any hat. It is powered by a small belt clip battery pack and offers you the low level laser therapy power of an in-office clinical unit in the comfort of your home.

      How does it work?

      Simply place LaserCap® inside your favorite hat and switch it on. LaserCap® operates with a rechargeable battery pack and can be used virtually anywhere. The dome-shaped membrane delivers LLLT to the entire scalp stimulating and preserving hair follicles in patients with hair loss.

      LaserCap is a 224 laser, portable, wearable under any hat device for intensive at-home use low level laser treatment, with comparable power to the leading FDA cleared in-office laser dome device. LaserCap is only available thru select hair restoration physicians.

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      FDA cleared LaserCap for Thinning Hair on The Suzanne Somers Show

      Vampire Hair Regrow and LaserCap


      What is the science behind Lasercap? How does it work?

      The hair is constantly growing, resting and then shedding the old hair shaft before growing again. With male/female pattern hair loss, each cycle, when the old hair falls out, it comes back thinner and lighter in color each time. What the Lasercap does through the Low Level Laser Light Therapy (LLLT), it improves the cellular respiration to make the cell function better, making the hairs stay in the growth stage longer. Hair growth requires a lot of energy. Before it starts growing again it sheds the old shaft, but the new shaft is not as thick as before. This keeps going on until the follicle is atrophied. LLLT improves the cellular respiration so it can stay in the growth phase longer, reduces the dormant stage duration, and when the hair comes back it's thicker and darker thereby reversing, stopping, or slowing down the hair loss process.

      How long until I see any results?

      Results vary depending on the condition of the hair at the beginning of usage. Most changes begin occurring at the cellular level of the hair shaft, but visual changes typically take at least 4-6 months.

      Does it work for women?

      We have patients from 18-80 who have experienced great results from LHT, both women and men.

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      How to Use LaserCap

      Why is the LaserCap® a good option over a laser comb or in-office laser hood?

      The LaserCap® is extremely convenient and time-effective. It takes the hassle of combing away, and gives uniform pulsing laser light output to the entire top of your head. It is significantly more time-effective than going to a salon or office multiple times per week for months on end to receive treatment. Furthermore, it is designed to provide the optimum amount of energy to the scalp as determined by the world's leader on science and technology for hair regrowth.

      Can I use the LaserCap® while being active, such as jogging, walking, in the car, etc?

      Yes, you can use the LaserCap® while doing most things, except activities that involve being submerged in water.

      Is the product made in the USA?

      Yes. LaserCap® is made in Cleveland, Ohio

      I have seen other laser combs with a much cheaper price on the internet, so why should I buy the LaserCap®?

      The LaserCap® is up to 10 times more powerful than other devices and more importantly is available by physician only. Unlike other devices which are available over the counter, LaserCap® is sold through physicians who are responsible for the medical management for your hair loss. Furthermore, LaserCap® is portable, discreet and compliant. LaserCap® team consists of the leaders in medicine, science and technology and are leading innovation in the field of LLLT for hair loss. Click here to learn more.

      Can the LaserCap® affect my hair in a negative way?

      Not that we are aware of.

      Can I use LaserCap® along with Rogaine or Propecia?

      Yes. You can use LaserCap® along with any other treatments such as Rogaine/Minoxodil, Propecia/Finasteride.

      How do I clean my LaserCap®?

      Just wipe the surface of LaserCap® with a moist cloth or alcohol wipe.

      Can I put LaserCap® in any hat?

      Yes. You can fit it into any hat large enough to hold it, such as a baseball cap, beanie, summer hat, etc. Or you may wear it without a hat.

      I have dark skin and/or dark hair? Will LaserCap® work for me?

      YES; BUT LONGER TREATMENT TIMES MAY BE REQUIRED SINCE MELANIN IN THE SKIN ABSORBS LIGHT RESULTING IN LESS LIGHT TO THE FOLLICLES; Does it make me a poor candidate? NO (With certain lasers, such as those used for hair removal, they work primarily for patients who are caucasian and have blond/brown hair.) You might have read that those with coarse black hair should not use the cap because they would potentially absorb too much of the laser light into the scalp and this could lead to damage. BUT THIS IS NOT TRUE. We have patients who are from different ethnicities that have darker skin and hair and have responded successfully to LLLT treatment. Have the results been comparable to other groups? WE BELIEVE SO, ALTHOUGH WE SUSPECT LONGER TREATMENT TIMES MAY BE NEEDED

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