April 12, 2012 | ISSUE:11

Spring is here, and just as the earth has renewed itself, TWAAMC has rejuvenated its products and services to enhance its benefits as you are on the way to a new and better you. Taken together, these products and services complement our existing line of products and services that reinforce your current efforts at remaining healthy.

Here's what's new at TWAAMC:

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy: Those with common sports injuries, such as tendon and ligament tears, or joints degenerated by arthritis will be interested in this treatment. PRP Therapy stimulates new tissue growth through injection of blood plasma with the patient's own platelets containing bioactive proteins. Using the patient's blood eliminates the risk of transmissible infection or allergic reaction. As the new muscle tissue develops, it shrinks and tightens, strengthening damaged tendons, ligaments and joints. Read More

Heart Rate Variability Testing: The non-invasive Max Pulse device enhances heart health by measuring and analyzing heartbeat by heartbeat a variety of functions, including vascular health, arteriosclerosis progress and stress levels. Lower HRV is associated with aging; specific neuropathies, such as diabetic neuropathy; and an increased risk of death following an acute heart attack. Read More

Neurotransmitter testing: A tool in the effective diagnosis and treatment of anxiety disorder, this monitors the status of the nervous system and how it interacts with other bodily systems. Read More

ProArgi-9+: This natural fruit flavored supplement drink mix, often called the "miracle molecule," contains 5,000 mg (5 grams) of elemental pharmaceutical grade L-arginine, essential to heart health and regulation of blood pressure. In the body, L-arginine is converted into nitric oxide, which relaxes blood vessels, reducing the stress on the heart and improving circulation. In addition to its benefits for the heart, L-arginine builds muscle and reduces adipose body fat; boosts the immune system and supports sexual performance. Read More

Telomerase Activation with TA-65: TA-65 is a proven telomerase activator* that was discovered by California biotech company Geron, and licensed to T.A Sciences. Clients typically take TA-65 capsules in a 12 month program known as the Patton Protocol. TA-65 turns on the hTERT gene* which activates the enzyme telomerase which can lengthen your telomeres. We measure your telomeres before, during and after completing the Protocol to show actual changes in telomere length. Read More

Stemkine: Stem-Kine is a patent-pending proprietary blend of nutrients that has been demonstrated to stimulate your body's natural repair capabilities. On the forefront of modern science, it has been shown numerous times that a direct, positive correlation exists between the number of circulating stem cells and overall health and wellness. Stem-Kine has been clinically proven to increase the amount of circulating stem cells in the body for an extended period of time. Read More

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