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With the holidays quickly approaching, the temptations that face us throughout the year, including rich foods and alcoholic drinks become staples at work and at office parties. Many things may be fine in moderation, but many people find it challenging to resist temptation because they have no overall plan for healthy living.

There's no time like the present to stop the excuses and develop a healthy lifestyle plan. Here are some ways TWAAMC can help:

Corporate Wellness: This is the time of year when employees make their benefits selections for the coming year. A healthy work environment starts with healthy employees, and a corporate wellness program can help increase productivity, limit the amount of time lost at work and reduce health insurance claims that tend to lead to a rise in premiums for the group. TWAAMC's corporate wellness program, including general medicine and executive physicals, can be tailored the needs of your company and employees.


Overtraining Syndrome: Though most people can afford to get a little more exercise into their lives, for competitive athletes, such as distance runners, swimmers and bicyclists, exercise can be too much of a good thing. Overtraining syndrome is a neuro-endocrine disorder that can lead to a combination of physical, emotional and behavioral symptoms that can reduce performance. TWAAMC can help develop a healthy, balanced training and nutrition program to bring your body and mind back to its optimal state.


Alkaline Water: Many people have pH that's out of balance, leading to increased bodily acidity that may be a large contributor to disease. Dream Tree Ceramic Conversion System available at TWAAMC, can turn ordinary tap water into alkaline water with anti-oxidant properties.


Stress management: The holidays can be the most stressful time of year amid the shopping for the just the right gifts, cooking and baking, and decorating. TWAAMC can help develop a stress management program that helps you learn how to identify, avoid, and if necessary, adapt to stressors.


Leaky gut: A lifetime of exposure to toxins, less than optimal diet and medications can leak through the walls of the intestines, leading to or making worse conditions, such as immune and autoimmune disorders, rheumatoid arthritis or Crohn's disease. At TWAAMC, we can help you modify your lifestyle by recommending glutamine-enriched foods; digestive aids, such as herbs; and removing common allergens, like dairy, gluten and alcohol.


O-Shot and M-Shot: As we age, our sex lives may not be what they used to be. Women at menopause may experience decreased libido or satisfaction. Many men experience erectile dysfunction. The O-Shot for women, and the M-Shot for men, using platelet-rich plasma for rejuvenation can help you regain your joy and confidence in the bedroom.


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