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      Nitric Oxide

      Neo 40 (Nitric Oxide (NO)) is clinically shown to increase N-O levels, which is essential for proper endothelial function and cardiovascular health.

      It is the master regulator of the cardiovascular system. It facilitates vasodilation, maintaining blood pressure and the flow of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. NO is so critical in maintaining cardiovascular health that the discovery of its role in the human body was awarded the 1998 Nobel Prize in Medicine.

      Nitric Oxide helps with the following:

      Neo40 Pro
      1. Improve your Blood Pressure
      2. Improves your energy
      3. Decrease arterial plaques
      4. Decreases Sexual Dysfunction
      5. Decreases Alzheimer's and Dementia
      6. Decreases Immune Dysfunction- Chronic Infections
      7. Decreases uncontrolled cell proliferation- Cancer
      8. Decreases pain
      9. Increases your Growth Hormones
      10. Protects you from CAD- Heart Disease
      11. Protects you from CVA- Strokes
      12. Improves Erectile Dysfunction
      13. Improves Female Sexual Dysfunction- Orgasm/ Lubrication
      14. Improves the optimization of all your organs
      15. Improves Cognitive Function
      16. Improves Gastrointestinal Problems

      You Are As Old As Your Arteries

      It is postulated that there are three causes of aging:

      • Telomere shortening
      • Mitochondrial dysfunction
      • Loss of stem cell activity

      The common denominator in the theories of aging is the bioavailability of nitric oxide (NO). Nitric Oxide controls and regulates telomerase activity, mitochondrial biogenesis and function and the mobilization of stem cells.

      Nitric Oxide & Telomeres

      Senescence (aging), chromosome stability, and cell viability are regulated by telomeres (located at both ends of the chromosomes). Shortening of the telomeres has been shown to be associated with increased mortality from age-related diseases. Individuals with shorter telomeres suffer a mortality rate nearly twice that of those with longer telomeres. A decrease in telomerase (the enzyme that protects the telomeres and extends life) has been shown to precede telomere shortening. Studies support the fact that NO is the master signaling molecule in the regulation of telomerase activity. It inhibits telomere shortening. The decreased regulation of telomerase activity can be restored by NO.

      Nitric Oxide & Mitochondria

      Mitochondria (the generators of cellular energy) are critical to the aging process and mitochondrial dysfunction is implicated in many human diseases. Nitric oxide ensures energy production through mitochondrial regulation of ATP synthesis, cell signaling, production of reactive oxygen species (ROS), apoptosis (cell death), metabolism and bioenergetics. The number of mitochondria in the cell and stimulation of mitochondrial biogenesis is also controlled by Nitric Oxide.

      Nitric Oxide & Stem Cells

      The success of stem cell therapies depends on the survival of the cells in the recipient. Nitric oxide plays a role in the signaling pathway that's involved in stem cell proliferation and differentiation and has emerged as a key component for the success of stem cell applications in clinical medicine.

      The Basis of Healthy Aging

      The discovery of nitric oxide is perhaps the greatest advancement in the field of healthy aging. NO is currently the most heavily studied molecule in the scientific literature, holding the potential to change the existing medical paradigm. The progressive loss of this vital molecule is directly linked to the age-related development of chronic disorders. Many doctors have come to realize the importance of correcting a state of low NO bioavailability as the first step in addressing patient needs.


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