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The revolutionary Pathway Genomics' Pathway Fit® program is a springboard to proactive management for anyone ready to take control of his or her health and wellness through lifestyle modification.

No two people are alike. Much of how our bodies respond to our behaviors, external stimuli and environment is determined by our genes.

For athletes, those who need help with weight management and those with other lifestyle needs, Pathway Genomics' Pathway Fit® program allows The Wellness and Aesthetics Medical Center to develop a custom, science-based solution based on individual genetic traits. Those include individual dietary preferences and behaviors and their effect on your metabolism as well as how your body responds to physical activity.


Analysis of more than 100 genetic markers allows TWAAMC to predict the effect of diet and exercise on specific areas of the body, including the brain, muscles and pancreas. Testing allows us to gain more insight into how an individual processes fats, sugars and nutrients.

Through combined genetic testing of a mall saliva sample and individual questionnaire, Pathway Genomics' Pathway Fit® program removes the guesswork. That allows TWAAMC to develop a more effective weight loss plan for you based on the following factors:

  • Diet: Scientific studies demonstrate that certain nutrients turn specific genes on or off. Pathway Genomics Pathway Fit® allows TWAAMC to identify an individual's triggers.
  • Eating behaviors: By identifying an individual's patterns, including snacking habits and timing of meals, TWAAMC can help you develop a plan to modify your lifestyle in a way that will lead to weight loss.
  • Food reactions: We all like certain foods but not always for taste. Pathway Genomics' Pathway Fit® program helps TWAAMC identify genetic markers that affect cravings for caffeine; sensitivity to the taste of salty, sweet and bitter foods and drinks; and lactose intolerance.
  • Nutritional needs: The ability to feel full is partially dependent on the body's perception that it is receiving the nutrition it requires. Pathway Genomics' Pathway Fit® allows TWAAMC to determine the likelihood that an individual has an insufficient absorption of key nutrients, such as folate and vitamins.
  • Exercise: Proper weight management lies somewhere between the foods we eat and the physical activity that converts it to energy. Pathway genomics allows TWAAMC to maximize health and performance by predicting your response to exercise.
  • Ongoing weight management: Pathway Genomics testing allows us to determine an individual's predisposition to obesity and to predict whether and how a person may regain weight following its loss. That allows for an ongoing plan that maximizes the potential for long-term success.
  • Metabolic health: Obesity or even minimal weight gain can be a sign of metabolic imbalance. That imbalance can influence an individual's likelihood to develop health conditions, such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular conditions, such as stroke and heart attacks.

Information collected through the Pathway Genomics' Pathway Fit® program is used solely for diagnostic purposes to enhance wellness and prevent disease. Federal law prohibits the use of this information for employment or insurance purposes.

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