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      Patient Testimonials

      Dr. Vernon Williams and staff are incredible! If you are looking for a great experience and analysis of your health where you are not rushed, this is the place to be. Dr. Williams will take his time to educate in detail what's going on with your body. Mary the office manager is on it. She called to ensure my other appt was made with my ultrasound. She is detailed and makes you feel at home! Vanity, at the front check in will ensure every client is taken care of from beginning to end. I appreciate the overall experience and would recommend anyone who wants to feel at ease with any health issue to schedule a consultation or stop in and visit! And it's super-clean!

      - Yvoone A.

      I have over 28 years’ experience serving as a helping professional in S Texas and am known for my mastery of wellness principles by many, many people. I have both worked with and been to a very wide array of medical and healthcare professionals in S Texas area. I have found Dr. Williams to be a world renowned anti-aging health professional. S Texas is extremely blessed to have him in our very own backyard. I've seen countless people firsthand, easily drop thousands of dollars on very expensive cars, vacations, diamond sets, golf clubs, swing sets, extra rooms for their home, yet when it comes to their own health; they usually will not spend the money to see an anti-aging provider. There are now so many ways to be healthy and well. There are helping options available. We have a world-class anti-aging health professional in our very own backyard. I am supremely confident he can help those who truly value living in true health and wellness. I know he has helped my wife and me to a tremendous degree and I thank God Dr. Williams has chosen to practice in our backyard.

      - Daniel H.

      Dr Williams is best person who make you feel and look so beautiful ❤😘😍

      He believes......

      "I believe you can turn back the clock. We can make you look, feel, and function like a younger you. I want to reduce your stress, eliminate your pain, and allow you to live a healthier, happier life. I want you to be like me 29 AGAIN and AGAIN. So when you are ready to experience the younger, healthier, happier YOU, we'll be waiting. We will treat you like Royalty as we fulfill your desires to TURN BACK THE CLOCK."

      - Saira A.

      Dr Williams, and his family of Wellness providers are all wonderful professionals that are focused on helping their patients be the best that they can be. The anti aging treatments have improved my life significantly!!! I look and feel younger and the test results are the proof that the program really does work. I have lost 30 lbs, gotten rid of my cholesterol medicine, have a sex drive similar to my 20's and I am 56 years old!!! Many thanks to Dr. Williams, Mary and the rest of the incredible family at Wellness & Aesthetics Center !!!

      - Kevin R.

      I strongly recommend Dr. Williams for all your health needs in every aspect.

      Dr. Williams does not ever prescribe something that he hasn't or isn't doing himself. Now that's a switch. MOST "doctors" would NOT take what they prescribe. I was particularly having trouble absorbing vitamins, hormones were very unbalanced, and no thyroid gland , so of course that was a problem. I just could not find a doctor that could straighten me out until now. For once I really feel like I am getting healthier! Actually, I used to really suffer from allergies and now I don't. It's a great thing when you can talk to your doctor any time you need to. And his staff is very friendly and communicative as well. Wish I would have found him years ago.

      Thank you Dr. Williams ......you have given me back my health.

      - Jackie P.

      Dr. Williams is truly a master at his craft. He takes a personalized & multi-pronged approach to total transformation. I can honestly say Dr. Williams has done wonders for my wife and I. He has helped us address both toxicity and weight management issues while establishing a healthy balance for both male and female hormone levels. I look in the mirror daily and am genuinely astonished and excited about the changes and what the future has in store. I will keep following the course that Dr. William?s executive health plan has determined will best work for me. His passionate awareness and methodology is what I have been searching for in a physician.

      - Ryan R.

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