Patient Testimonials

"Good afternoon, Dr. Williams, and thank you for your email and attachments.

It was a pleasure meeting you and spending yesterday afternoon with you at my appointment. It was also nice to finally meet Itzel and Mary.

You are an absolutely amazing doctor, and I am honored to have spent such a generous amount of time with you. Thank you for your vast knowledge, your informative handouts, and – most of all – your autographed book!

Have a nice afternoon, and I will be in touch soon."


"I have trusted Dr Williams with helping maximize my health and fitness over the past three years. As a 54 year old man he has helped me maintain muscle mass, a body fat percentage of 11% , while optimizing my health. My blood panel looks like one of a healthy 25 year old all without taking statins or other prescription medications associated with aging.

Recently he introduced me to the Strawberry Laser. It is designed to reduce body fat. After the first treatment ( it lasted 20 minutes and was completely painless ) I lost 2 inches around my waist.

I could not be more impressed and look forward to my second treatment."


"Dr. Williams is truly a master at his craft. He takes a personalized & multipronged approach to total transformation. I can honestly say Dr. Williams has done wonders for my wife and I. He has helped us address both toxicity and weight management issues while establishing a health balance for both male and female hormone levels. I look in the mirror daily and am genuinely astonished and excited about the changes and what the future has in store. I will keep following the course that Dr. William's executive health plan has determined is best work for me. His passionate awareness and methodology is what I have been searching for in a physician. "


"Dr. Williams, I have to tell you I haven't felt this good in years. Working out like crazy, leaning out and gaining muscle mass. So good. Thanks!!"

Aubra F

"I being Dr. Williams patient for more than 5 years, and never feel and look so good before, even my friends ask me what I'm doing because they see me more and more young. I'm so happy and so grateful to have Dr. Williams as my doctor, he's very compassionate and kind, and the office manager and all the personal are very friendly and helpful always. Thank you so much for always take care of me. "


"I left your office today feeling even more beautiful and walked just a little taller. You and Dr. Williams are so sweet and treat me like a queen. It's not just what you do for people on the outside but you two have a way of making people feel beautiful from the inside. PRICELESS!!! Thank you again!! "

"My experience with the O-Shot® was very positive without side effects and effective for over 1 year. I have received a shot each year since 2012 for steady benefits of orgasmic sexual climax. I have experienced extreme and near continuous increased sexual arousals, which was very pleasurable."

"The outcomes from this shot were many Intense Ultimate Multiple Organisms during and after sex. The vagina became consistently well lubricated with no pain during sex with increased clitoral sensations. In addition, the O-Shot® rejuvenated the tissues, which enabled the vagina to fit the contour of the penis like a glove."

"Dr Williams I sent in a blood sample to TeloYears for testing I got the lab report back today and I tested at 20yrs old! I guess what we are doing is working!
He's 54 and has been on TA-65 for 3 years. Learn more about Age Management (AntiAging) with telomerase activation at TA-65MD® resource center. "

"The AO Scan is very good. After 4-5 days of suffering with constipation due to pain medication from knee surgery, I had several treatments done with the AO Scan addressing my knee. A few hours later I had bowel movement relief and my knee pain was down to a minimum. The following day I felt like a new person. I recommend the AO Scan to everyone after my experience. "

"The AO Scan is incredibly amazing, after my initial treatment I gained energy when I was feeling sluggish and just felt great over all. My health continues to improve, by blood pressure has normalized. I am enjoying energy again I thought I could never have again at 75 years of age. "

"You are an absolutely amazing doctor, and I am honored to have spent such a generous amount of time with you. Thank you for your vast knowledge, your informative handouts, and - most of all - your autographed book!"

"Just had the stem cell therapy done to my left knee and it worked out wonderful for me. I suggest it to anyone, if you’re a candidate for it. "

"Dr. Williams is an amazing doctor. He is definitely the most thorough doctor I have ever known. He has an incredible bedside manner and is very upbeat and positive."

"I wish to thank you Mary and Dr. Williams for explaining what stem cells are, where they go once, they enter the body and what potential results or changes may occur. As always talking with Dr. Williams is an educational experience. I only wish there was a means to record him at that moment - like – a university lecture to be reviewed later. The information is worth recording and digesting for future reference. It has been two months and here is what I am aware of: there is a sense of more alertness, writing better case management chart notes for each client encounter during my workday, and an overall sense of just feeling better.
Thank you, Dr. Williams for your patience."


"Early January of 2020, I had my first dose of stem cells. As a 77year old female. I didn’t expect to feel major changes, but as time goes one, I am noticing subtle changes within my body functions that I just accepted as a process that one expects with aging. I feel wonderful every day, my high blood pressure is not high anymore and my sugar count is below 100 consistently.
Dr. Williams I want to thank you and your staff for the professionalism you imparted during my visits. I felt very confident of having the procedure done. You were very patient and informative while explaining the benefits of stem cells and answered my questions. You and your staff operate in excellence with professionalism while at the same time very friendly."


"My recommendations to the Ladies from this experience is to please schedule your appointment with the Organism Doctor and receive this successful, painless procedure without any down time."

"The experience with the O-Shot® is rejuvenating. I do believe Young Women or Older Women should consider acquiring the O-Shot® to invigorate many levels of pleasure and healthy sexual relations."

"My recommendations to the Ladies from this experience is to please schedule your appointment with the Organism Doctor and receive this successful, painless procedure without any down time."

"I'm a basketball coach after day 4 of detox. I'm down 6.2 lbs! 1 1/2 off waist (only part I measured)."


"Just finished my detox. I'm so happy. 132.5, waist 29 lost 12 pounds. I have not seen that on the scale for over two years. I also made the mistake for the first seven days of not eating two shakes, but eating only one. Remember I told you that on the phone. Me and my reading skill, LOL. The next challenge I will make sure to have the 2 shakes a day from the start. Thanks again."


"Starting day 4 of his cleanse today. Followed to the letter. Feel fine. Weighted this morning. Down 10. :))) worth it!"


"After day 4 of detox. 6 pounds and 2 inches overall baby!!!! This is awesome!! I feel amazing!"


"I made it. Excited about the shake this morning. Down 11.3 lbs after day 4 of detox"


"I have worked with Dr. Vernon Williams over the last few years as both a seminar participant and as co-host on a weekly radio program. I have always found Dr. Williams to be a consumate professional and an entertaining and informative speaker. Dr. Williams brings both a formidable intellect and rare wit to his speaking in front of an audience on the radio or in front of a live group of interested seminar guests. Dr. Williams has a unique quality to make complex concepts easy for the lay person to grasp and assimilate. I have the greatest admiration and respect for Dr. Williams and hope we continue to work together for many years to come."

Dr. James N. Hopkins NMD

"Dr. Williams, Finding the right doctor can be a very challenging and overwhelming when you seek perfection, for the right doctor to understand and have the best and most advanced knowledge on how to make you look and feel super great inside and out. Finding Dr. Williams was and is, a blessing, he optimized my hormones and keep on doing so, I have so much more energy, my endorphins are great, I feel so much healthier and happy. I'm extremely grateful to have found Dr. Williams, I will not want to go to any other doctor. Dr. Williams' ultimate goal is for all his patients to look and feel great about themselves, he has only his patients best interest at heart. "


"Dr. Williams' patience and desire when it comes to treating patients is the epitome of how a Doctor should be. Being versed in all aspects of health and wellness truly allows Dr. Williams to find the real underlying cause of the patients' concerns. This is exactly why I wanted to work with Dr. Vernon Williams. He is the professionals, Professional! "

Jason Robbins

"I met Dr. Williams in 2007 and was immediately impressed by his mild demeanor and good mannerism. Little did I know at the time that he will be one of the most important people for me in the coming years. He has not only transformed his own body but has helped hundreds of people like myself get in the best shape of their lives. Thanks Dr. Williams. "


"Thank you for all the information that you have sent. My Exec Health Eval Plan has been very helpful. I am still researching much of the information that you sent me. I am also starting to feel more energetic."

Milinda S.

"I have been on your regimen for nearly a year; down to under 9% body fat and have put on weight. Never felt better, never."

Gary N.

" Dr. Williams, I will give you a timeline and some of the experiences that I had with treatment as to give you a complete picture of my progression of therapy. I started treatment on a Thursday and took the prescribed dose. The following morning I had a completely different feeling as I woke. I slept extremely well and felt had definitely been a very long time since that happened. I also seemed to have a very pleasant disposition, I felt not only rested but in a very 'good' mood and motivated. Over the next few days I became much more active in almost everything. I will list below the things I experienced. Within first three days:

  • Greatly improved sleep pattern. Less hours, more rested feeling. Dreaming often and remembering many of them.
  • Drinking less coffee in am to get going. Now, two cups works where I used to need 4 or more.
  • Motivated and positive all the time. Finding myself doing all the things I procrastinated before.
  • Mental acuity and focus have returned. Memory seems to have sharpened.
  • Libido returned and remains to be more like when I was 20 years old. My wife is now the greatest supporter of therapy.
After first week:
  • My workouts have improved in their intensity. I don't make any excuses now to not go, I look forward to them and would be bothered to miss one.
  • My neck and back pain dissipated dramatically. You have to understand, I took anti-inflammatory medications for more than 13 years daily for pain. I am now wondering if I even still need to take them.
  • Loss in nearly all the fat I was walking around with. Actually not easily finding a place for sub. Q shot on abdomen anymore or anywhere for that matter.
  • Confidence steadily increasing.
After fourth week:
  • Much more social. Not sure why, just more outgoing than before and really enjoy the interactions.
  • My diet changed without me intending it to. I now eat in a much more balanced way. Vegetables and fruits as well as plenty of meats, but all of them seem to the right proportions and lean. Thing is, I did not 'try' to change my diet, the cravings drove this change directly, I was only satisfying them. Don't really 'like' chips and sweets now, they just don't satisfy my cravings anymore. I give this no thought, I just eat what I crave, and that now seems to be a selection of healthier foods.
  • I am now just waiting to see what else happens. To be honest, I was quite skeptical of what the therapy could do for me. Now, I know what changes have occurred and I am so looking forward to see what else I experience. I will keep you posted on any changes as we progress, but for now I could not be happier with the results I have achieved."


"Vernon - I very much enjoyed the time yesterday. Your grasp of the issues and enthusiasm are really refreshing; I also appreciated the thoroughness and candor. I wanted to tell you that the experience, from the first contact with Alexis to the warm greeting from Mary was first class. I am going to send my wife and daughter to see you also. They will make their own appointments, but you should expect them within the next month or so. I have not heard yet from AAG, so I assume that you will send them the report and they will contact me. Again, thanks for the exceptional work that you are doing."

Gary N.

"Several months ago prior to seeing Dr. Williams, and his compassionate staff, I couldn't believe the old woman that look at me in the mirror each day. After several visits the improvements in the following area are remarkable:

  • The wrinkles in my neck are gone
  • No more wrinkles around my mouth & eyes
  • The sunken areas on my face - the jaw areas are gone.
The numerous complements I have received, tells the true story, nothing drastic, however noticeable."

Aubrey M.

"The procedure was done very professionally and your staff took great care of me. I would definitely recommend Dr. Williams to anyone out there. I now have tons of energy and my results are amazing!"

David P.

"I had plenty of time to discuss all aspects of the treatment with Dr. Williams and I'm blown away by my results!"

Mary S.

"I used to visit several doctors for various issues. Now I only see Dr. Williams for everything and I'm extremely satisfied. My results have been beyond my expectations and I look and feel great!"

Sunita T.

"I sleep much better now. I feel 15 years younger, I look great. My old dress size was 14/16, it is now 8/10. I love the results and I am absolutely satisfied with Doctor Williams' treatment!"

Denise S.

"Change in the way medicine is done is definitely long overdue and I'm so blessed to know you, a brave pioneer in the cause. This is definitely a most noble undertaking...not one for the faint hearted. :) By the way I wanted to tell you what a wonderful teacher you are. I learned so very much from your instruction at my appointment the other day. You made the complex seem simple and understandable. If you can make me understand, you can teach anyone. I appreciated you taking the time to instruct me. You are truly an amazing doctor and Best of all, you're now My doctor!! In case you can't tell, I'm ecstatic about that!!!!!!!!"

Marty M.

"Thank you so very much for the opportunity to participate in your program. I found it to be very informative. I am interested in the cognitive evaluation and obtaining more information and methods for hormone management. I found you and your team to be knowledgeable and very professional. Again, thank you for the opportunity."

Patsy F.

"Dr. Williams, I want to thank you for assisting me achieve a higher health status over the last 3 years. I have felt stronger, healthier, more energetic, and of course most satisfying in my social life. Once, again, many thanks to you and your staff for the help you provided me."

Jose H.

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