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      Spectrum Plasma Young Blood Infusion San Antonio, TX

      Spectrum Plasma Young Blood Infusion

      Scientists have joined philosophers in claiming that: "It's not how old you are, but how you are old" that matters when it comes to your quality of life.

      From the beginning of history humans have strived to figure out how to stop aging, and now they may have discovered the closest thing to the proverbial "fountain of youth" - right inside their own bloodstream.

      Who's never dreamed of infusing a bit of young blood into their aging years? Now you can - literally. What may have appeared as a plot twist in a sci-fi story just a decade ago, is now a clinically validated medical reality.

      Age may be slowing you down a bit, but those sore muscles, thinning bones, wrinkling skin, and dwindling blood plasma need not bring your love of movement, intellectual curiosity or adventurous fun to a standstill.

      Not when Dr. Williams is the caretaker of your blood.

      Can osteoporosis be reversed? Will I be able to continue my exercise routine? Can I stave off Alzheimer's? If you're asking yourself these questions, Dr. Williams has your answers. He wants to expand your health span - and your life joy.

      Allow The Wellness & Aesthetics Medical Center to introduce you to the anti-aging treatment of the future, to make you feel like you did in the past. Want to be your vibrant self again? Call us at (210) 985-1700 or contact us here.

      What is Spectrum Plasma?

      Your plasma is a light yellow liquid that makes up about 55% of your blood. Along with water, it infuses your body with:

      • Enzymes like ATPases, acetylcholinesterase and adenylate cyclase
      • Nutrients like fatty acids, amino acids, and glucose
      • Minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium that help your cells work
      • Peptides, protein & hormones
      • Growth factors
      • Infection-fighting antibodies

      Plasma helps your body maintain normal blood pressure and blood volume levels. It also disposes chemical waste from cells by dissolving the substances the cells don't need and carrying them away. So you can imagine the potential benefits it can bring to an aging or compromised immune system.

      For decades scientists have been observing that certain proteins (like GDF11) are partic¬ularly abundant in young blood but not old blood.

      Through apheresis - the processing of donated blood to extract components like red blood cells or platelets - specialists were able to collect those regenerative elements from the young, then deliver them to the aging population.

      Intravenous administration of plasma - the soluble, non-red cell portion of blood - has been routine during surgery and trauma for clotting support. Now it's been shown to support many other functions in aging populations.

      Stanford scientists found that infusing young plasma into elderly blood can:

      • Improve muscle strength and stamina
      • Reverse DNA damage inside muscle stem cells
      • Promote repair of dam¬aged spinal cords
      • Reverse age-related thickening of the heart's walls
      • Spark the formation of new neurons in the brain and olfactory system

      Children of clinical trial participants observed that after treatment, their parents with dementia became more engaged and energetic with improved memory. Some families were even able to plan outings again because they expected their parents to be more lucid and communicative.

      And most importantly - no serious adverse reactions were associated with the procedure!

      How do I know my Spectrum Plasma infusion is safe?

      Spectrum Plasma donors are college student volunteers between the ages of 18 and 25. These donors are screened and prequalified before they donate a single unit of plasma into the Spectrum Plasma inventory. Only healthy and fit students are accepted into the company lab.

      The first criteria for any donor is a blood protein level between 6-9 g/dL with normal protein fractions. This not only protects the donor from any adverse reactions during apheresis but also ensures that the patient who receives the plasma is being infused with healthy protein levels.

      The blood of every single donor is inspected twice - every time he or she donates - for the following viral markers:

      • HIV I/II
      • Hepatitis B
      • Hepatitis B Surface Antigen
      • Hepatitis B Core Antibody
      • Hepatitis C
      • Syphilis
      • Zika Virus
      • Atypical Antibodies
      • Human T-Lymphotropic Virus
      • Cytomegalovirus
      • West Nile Virus
      • Trypanasoma cruzi (Chagas)
      • HLA antibodies to mitigate the risk of TRALI (rare lung disease in females)

      To ensure that all donations are free of any viral markers, all units collected by Spectrum Plasma are held for 30 days before being quality released for infusion.

      Reserve your appointment

      Getting older doesn't mean giving up on youthful activities and lifestyles. If you've already tried pharmaceuticals, hormone therapy, the PRP shot, and nutrition protocols but still haven't quite revived your youthful vigor, it's time to give Spectrum Plasma young blood infusion a shot.

      Dr. Williams will assess and monitor your customized protocol regularly until you're ready to join the ranks of his revived and reenergized patients. Call his team at The Wellness & Aesthetics Medical Center to schedule a consultation at (210) 985-1700 or contact us here.

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