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      The cells in your body are full of regenerative potential. Dr. Williams is brimming with the knowledge and skill required to deliver stem cells to your injury or pain site to awaken that dormant potential.

      Stem cell therapy can help a vast number of musculoskeletal conditions. It’s already a common alternative to risky, expensive orthopedic surgeries, especially in sports medicine, which has been treating athletes with regenerative therapies for over 20 years.

      Dr. Williams has reviewed numerous studies demonstrating that stem cells derived either from a patient’s fat or from a newborn’s umbilical cord are able to regulate our immune system and regenerate our tissue.

      Unlike surgery, which removes tissue and bone from your body, stem cell therapy harvests live cells, delivers them directly into your pain site, and stimulates your damaged cells to regenerate themselves.

      Some people have a higher percentage of these stem (mother or live) cells in their fat tissue from which specialized cells can develop. Donated umbilical cords, which routinely get discarded after birth, are another robust source of this regenerative therapy. Fat cells and umbilical cells can complement one another throughout a patient’s orthopedic protocol.

      Together, your cells and our cells may be able to reduce or eliminate your pain, regenerate your tissue, and revive the range of movement you may have thought you’d lost permanently.

      Depending on your age, body type, genetics, and injury severity, the stem cells Dr. Williams delivers to your tissue may continue producing human growth factors for weeks and sometimes even months.

      Whether it’s stem cell therapy for arthritis, stem cell therapy for knees, or stem cell therapy for tendonitis, Dr. Williams is prepared to deliver. He wants to increase your range of motion and your range of emotion – from pained helplessness to energized enthusiasm.

      Regenerate the active you – call his team at The Wellness & Aesthetics Medical Center for Orthopedic Stem Cell Therapy. San Antonio is a hub for this innovative treatment. Schedule a consultation at (210) 985-1700 or contact us here.

      Stem Cells - The Future of Medicine

      Which conditions does Dr. William's Stem Cell Therapy help you with?

      Your musculo-skeletal pain can have many root causes, which Dr. Williams will systematically assess before recommending a treatment protocol. He has spent over a decade successfully helping patients with:

      • Arthritis
      • Torn ligaments
      • Tendon inflammation
      • Sprains
      • Chronic muscle pain
      • Injury induced knee pain
      • Injury induced shoulder pain
      • Injury induced hip pain
      • Injury induced back or neck pain

      How do stem cells regenerate tissue?

      Injured cells in your skin, bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints and connective tissues send out signals. Stem cells respond to those signals, migrate to the injured tissue, then release proteins (exosomes) that may nourish and stimulate your own cells to begin regenerating.

      Once Dr. Williams injects them, stem cells dock next to your damaged cells and release growth factors, cytokines, and chemokines which then may:

      • Activate T-cells to secrete proteins
      • Open up your blood vessels and form new ones
      • Move cells out of your blood vessels and into the tissues surrounding them
      • Stimulate your cells to regenerate your tissue
      • Inhibit your inflammation
      • Regulate your immune system

      How stem cells synergize with PRP

      For patients who require dual-action treatment, Dr. Williams will combine PRP with stem cell therapy to accelerate tissue growth and repair.

      Your blood is mainly composed of a liquid called plasma, which contains microscopic components: red cells, white cells, and platelets. Platelets are crucial to the blood clotting process and contain many proteins called growth factors which play a vital role in healing injuries. Platelets harvested from your blood help an injected stem cell determine what type of cell it should become, guiding it to the specific area of your body requiring regeneration.

      To create PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), Dr. Williams and his technicians will draw your blood and separate the PRP in a centrifuge. They will then inject your PRP directly into your damaged tissue.

      PRP contains many more platelets than typically found in blood. Platelet concentration (and growth factors) can be up to ten times greater than that of typical blood samples, so it may promote cell/tissue regeneration and control inflammation, reducing or eliminating pain.

      No amount of book reading or lecture listening can train a hand to administer precise injections into the exact tissue that really needs them. Dr. Williams’ skilled and agile hands have years of practice on hundreds of patients of all sizes and ages with all injury types.

      Where do stem cells come from?

      Every patient is a unique biological ecosystem which requires different types and amounts of regenerative treatments. That's why, after assessing your degree of damage, medical history, age, lifestyle, environment and medication protocol Dr. Williams will weigh the pros and cons of each of these stem cell sources and decide which to tap for your custom regeneration:

      Your fat tissue

      Your fat tissue, or adipose, is a rich primary source of highly versatile mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) that can replace damaged cells in your muscle, bone, and cartilage – they’re also well-known for exerting anti-inflammatory and anti-scarring effects in orthopedic injuries.

      Adult stem cells become increasingly limited in the cell types they can become as you age. During this therapy your fat is extracted through liposuction, harvested into a syringe, and then spun in a centrifuge that separates valuable cytokines and stem cells from your fat tissue.

      The stem cell serum is filtered, washed, placed into a syringe, and then injected directly into your torn or damaged tissue to begin regenerating cell-by-damaged-cell.

      This form of extraction can be a bit painful and may require repeat visits. Of course, the older you are, the older your stem cells are, so the degree of their regenerative power is difficult to predict.

      A newborn's umbilical cord blood

      Umbilical cord blood contains much higher concentrations of hematopoietic stem cells (HSC) than your fat tissues do. Umbilical Cord Tissue contains large amounts of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). Since they are not immunogenic, they can be used on anyone without rejection.

      Harvesting these cells from a healthy newborn is much easier than doing so from your fat. When a pregnant woman decides she does not want to keep and store her unborn child’s umbilical cord (which is routinely discarded after delivery), her OB/GYN asks whether she would like to donate it. After she signs an informed consent form, a medical and social history review is conducted, as well as multiple blood tests.

      If the new mother meets all donor eligibility requirements, she is accepted as a donor. After her baby is born, the umbilical cord and placenta are collected in a sterile collection bag and sent to a lab where it is processed and thoroughly tested for sterility.

      Only after all lab reports have passed the regulatory requirements can the umbilical cord stem cells be distributed. These stem cells are pluripotent – they have the capacity to divide indefinitely and create any cell in your skin, tissues, muscles, bones, cartilage and even organs.

      The stem cell therapy procedure

      Stem cell treatment at the Stem Cell Institute of Texas is a simple, in-office procedure. Preceding your stem cell injection, you will meet with Dr. Williams to discuss your health concerns and determine whether stem cell therapy is a suitable treatment for your health and orthopedic condition.

      If he determines that it is, Dr. Williams will inject your adipose cells, donor umbilical cord cells, and/or PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) into the area requiring regeneration for dual action synergy. The stem cells and growth factors immediately go to work, helping to regenerate and repair your tissue.

      Full regeneration can take 2-3 months. Results will vary depending on your age, general health, pain level, diet, lifestyle and aftercare. Dr. Williams may recommend complementary therapies like Nitric Oxide (Neo 40)/ Stemkine, diet and nutritional supplementation, exercise regimens.

      Reserve your appointment

      Getting older doesn’t mean giving up on youthful activities and spirited lifestyles. Your stem/mother/live cells may nourish your immune systems and regenerate your musculoskeletal injuries.

      Allow Dr. Williams’ professional knowledge and skillful agility to deliver your customized stem cell therapy protocol. Join the ranks of his revived, reenergized patients. Call The Wellness & Aesthetics Medical Center to schedule a consultation at (210) 985-1700 or contact us here.

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