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      Stem Kine

      The Product of the Century...The Opportunity of a Lifetime!

      Stem Kine Dietary Supplement

      You've heard the buzz about stem cells... The latest, most advanced technique in healthcare improves conditions that previously seemed hopeless!

      Your chances for a long and healthy life have dramatically increased with the discovery of the most exciting medical breakthrough in modern times - the use of STEM CELLS in the body's repair and renewal system.

      You see exciting media coverage on TV, in newspapers and magazines. Scientists are reporting medical advances with stem cells that seem like miracles! Stem cells act as a repair system for the body, creating renewal and regeneration of cells. Stem cells offer new hope to many.

      The news is out! Stem cells offer new hope for millions.

      Stem cells can help repair injuries. Like all cells, stem cells have a vital function to perform – they form the body's natural repair and renewal system.

      What are stem cells?

      Stem cells are early-stage undifferentiated cells that have not yet grown into a specific cell type. Like the initial cells that develop in the first weeks of life, stem cells are capable of becoming virtually any type of cell in the body – cells of the liver, heart, brain or other tissues. Stem cells are produced primarily in the bone marrow along with its normal production of platelets and red and white blood cells. Some other tissues also generate stem cells. As they divide, many stem cells are released into the blood stream and circulate throughout the body.

      What can stem cells do for you?

      When you become injured or diseased, the injured tissues secrete enzymes to attract stem cells to the damaged areas. The injury may be as simple as a bruise or as serious as a brain concussion. Upon arrival, stem cells infiltrate the injured tissue and change into healthy cells of that tissue. They also release trophic factors that assist in healing. Many of these injuries are associated with the signs and symptoms of aging. Stem cells form the natural repair and renewal system of the body at the cellular level.

      High stem cell levels lead to better health

      Throughout your life your bone marrow and other tissues produce billions of stem cells. When young, you produce a large number of stem cells. After age 25 the amount your body produces steadily declines. Studies show the more stem cells you have, the more effective your ability to repair injuries and reduce the intensity of some health challenges.

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