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      Metal Hypersensitivity

      We are exposed to small amounts of metals on a daily basis, from dental fillings to cosmetic products that have a metal based preservative. Constant exposure to these foreign materials can lead to an ongoing immune response and chronic inflammation in patients with hypersensitivities. In many cases these exposures do not cause a problem; however, metal exposure can cause immune up-regulation if the individual has a hypersensitivity.

      A New Scientific Approach to Metal Hypersensitivity

      MELISA testing determines if there is an underlying metal hypersensitivity that could be causing health problems. Treatment for exposure to metals can be as simple as avoiding the particular product that is causing the reaction. In more severe cases it may be necessary to remove dental work or surgical implants if they are made of a metal that elicits an immune response.

      Symptoms of Metal Hypersensitivity

      • Persistent fever
      • Chronic headaches or migraines
      • Unexplained rashes
      • Thyroid disorders
      • Lethargy
      • Impaired cognitive function
      • Chronic fatigue
      • Musculoskeletal pain
      • Fibromyalgia

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