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      NeuroIntegration (NeuroFeedback) Testing

      What is NeuroIntegration Training?

      Clear Mind Center has created the unique NeuroIntegration System, a ground breaking approach in multi-sensory brainwave training. Our unique photic technology informs the brain of the frequency it needs to learn and guides the brain into producing new efficient brainwave states through EEG driven auditory and visual feedback. Our state-of-the-art system combines these technologies to achieve rapid improvement in mental and physical states, yielding powerful long lasting results.


      This multi-sensory approach interrupts ineffective mental patterns, lifting us out of habitual, non-productive thoughts. By balancing the brain and regulating the nervous system, new thought patterns are allowed to break through old filters responsible for causing a wide variety of disorders. NeuroIntegration Training has been proven to be a very powerful technique for improving brain functions.

      Clear Mind Center's NeuroIntegration system works through a mechanism known as operant conditioning. When a part of the brain is operating at an abnormal frequency (too fast or too slow), the brain can learn to normalize the activity of that area.

      How NeuroIntegration Training Works

      NeuroIntegration Training San Antonio TX


      If you signal the brain through Photic stim lights, the brain will learn to make normal brainwave patterns through guided feedback. Continuous feedback retrains the brain to reduce abnormal activity and stay within normal ranges. Eventually, the brain learns how to stay within normal ranges without NeuroIntegration training, and is able to sustain normal activity independently. The mechanism is through reorganization of functional pathways in the brain.

      Many breakdowns in health start with subtle changes in brain chemistry, which alter brainwaves in very specific ways. Brainwaves can be measured using electrodes similar to the ones used for an EKG. Research has found that a Quantitative EEG has high reliability, equal to such routine tests a MRI and Cat scans.


      Dr. Vernon Willims discusses Biofeedback/Neurofeedback


      How are Brain Waves Meaured?

      The Wellness & Aesthetics Medical Center offers Neuro-Mapping to evaluate brain function. The Neuro-Map is able to record your patients brainwaves in real time and offer a detailed visual report in minutes. In addition, a comprehensive neurological assessment plan with NeuroIntegration training protocols is provided to correct abnormal brainwave patterns found in the Neuro-Map.

      Research and clinical studies show that many cognitive conditions unresponsive to medication or psychotherapy can be resolved within 20-40 therapy sessions. At the other end of the spectrum, chronic disorders such as anxiety, even if present over many years, can show improvement after just one treatment.

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      What causes the brain's dominant frequencies to get stuck?

      While genetics and birth complications can be contributing factors, research studies show that unresolved post-traumatic stress pushes the brain into patterns of chronic over-stimulation, gradually losing its ability to recover. Eventually, the traumatized brain must shut down for its own survival via depression, memory loss and other "protective" changes in brain function.

      Brainwave Patterns

      By normalizing brainwave patterns, your central nervous system learns how to self-regulate, directing you away from debilitating, painful, destructive disorders, into reclaiming your well being.

      Typically clients experience a significant shift in awareness during their first session. Balancing the brain and calming the nervous system allows new neural patterns to form. Properly balanced rhythms result in optimal brainwave patterns. Our emotions are a reflection of the rhythms in our brains: excess beta can produce anxiety; too much frontal alpha could result in depression or ADD. Training brainwaves into efficient patterns allows the central nervous system to learn how to self-regulate, directing it away from debilitating, painful, destructive disorders into effortless processing and optimal functionality

      Empowering you to guide your clients!
      The Neuro-Map report allows us to visualize inside the brain...

      Neuro Map Brain

      The features in the Neuro-Map report offer state of the art technology, which present an in depth analysis and guidance for NeuroIntegration Training.

      We have taken the concept of 'brain map' a step further by providing a professional and comprehensive report. Our at a glance features provide the standard output of highly expensive research grade qEEG systems. In addition, areas of potential cognitive and emotional problems typically associated with specifc map profiles are offered as a guide to validate patients emotional and cognitive tracking.

      The Neuro-Map recording takes approximately 12 minutes. Once the recording is complete, the data is uploaded to our Neuro-Map site for immediate processing. The final part of the Neuro-Map report offers suggested protocols based on the interpretation. These protocols are automated in our database and available immediately after the report.

      These full color visual reports offer an accurate and easy to use presentation. Patients are motivated by the reports as these offer a guide to their wellness.


      Neurofeedback: Training your brain without using medication



      What is NeuroIntegration Training?

      NeuroIntegration Training is a type of biofeedback. The body has a limited capacity to sense information coming from inside itself. However, if you monitor any biological process, amplify it, and feed it back to the brain, your brain can change it.

      NeuroIntegration Training addresses problems of brain disregulation, which includes anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD/OCD, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, head injuries, memory loss, migraines, PMS and sleep disorders. NeuroIntegration Training is training in self-regulation. Self-regulation is a necessary part of proper brain function. It is simply biofeedback applied directly to the brain.

      How is NeuroIntegration Training Helpful?

      By re-training abnormal brainwave patterns, we are assisting the brain to function better rather than curing a condition. A problem of disregulation is not a disease to be cured, however when disregulation is a problem, self regulation may improve or eliminate symptoms entirely. For example, a person with ADD may be able to train their brain to pay attention, so that condition will no longer be diagnosable.

      The EEG NeuroIntegration system works like a mind mirror, showing you how your brain is functioning, and telling you if you are on the right track. The photic stimulation is guiding your brainwaves into a correct pattern while the music and visuals reward the brain for changing its own activity to more appropriate patterns. Eventually, the brainwave activity is "shaped" toward more desirable, more regulated performance.

      Could you explain more about brainwaves?

      Your brain produces four distinct types of brain waves. People usually have a mixture of frequencies at any given time, but the dominant frequency varies depending on the state of consciousness and on individual differences. Beta is considered to be the fast waves, measuring 15 Hertz and above. Alpha is 8-12 Hertz. Theta is 4-7 Hertz. Delta is 0.5-3.5 Hertz. A normal focused waking state consists of primarily Beta waves in the brain. When you close your eyes and relax, Alpha tends to be produced. Theta normally is only produced briefly when you are starting to fall asleep. Delta is normally produced when you are asleep.

      When you have brain irregularities caused by injury, your brain may have too much frontal theta or delta being produced when you are supposed to be awake and alert. By re-training these abnormal patterns in the affected areas symptoms and disorders are often improved or eliminated.

      How long does the training take?

      Sessions are usually one to three times per week, but each person is different. Some receive benefit almost immediately while others may need a series of sessions to stabilize their brainwave activity. The number of sessions depends on the type of problem, the age of the person, and many other factors. Typically ADD requires about 20-30 sessions. Application for alcoholism takes 30 to 40 sessions.

      How can I expect to feel after a session?

      Depending on what frequency is being trained, clients generally report feeling more relaxed and focused after their sessions.

      Will the training last, or is it temporary?

      The type of neurofeedback training we offer here is permanent. Neurofeedback helps to improve functions such as concentration, short-term memory, speech, motor skills, sleep, energy level, and emotional balance.

      Can neurofeedback help with ADD and ADHD?

      Recent research suggests that individuals with ADD/ADHD tend to have elevated theta brainwave activity and low levels of beta brainwave activity. Symptoms of ADD/ADHD are usually reduced when brainwave activity is changed. Neurofeedback is commonly used as an adjunct or alternative treatment to medication and behavior management.

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