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      Whole Body Detoxification San Antonio, TX

      What is Whole Body Detoxification?

      Detoxification is the process of removing harmful toxins from your body. A chemical reaction releases a product and a waste. If you are camping and it's cold you light a fire (Chemical reaction). The logs (raw material/ food/ nutrient) are consumed and give off heat (product) and smoke (toxin). Every chemical reaction in the body does this. Nothing works without a power source (energy). Your body is comprised of over 100 trillion cells. They are all living organisms like you. And just like you they produce waste (#1 and 2). In your body 100 trillion cells are doing #1 and 2 inside you. How are we getting rid of it?

      Detoxification is the process of removing it. How do you feel after you have been working in the yard for 2 hours? Miserable, but you take a shower and you immediately feel fresh and energized. You have just detoxed your skin. How do you feel after you brush your teeth refreshed. You have just detoxed your mouth. Similarly, you detox your hair when you shampoo it, your colon when you have a bowel movement, your bladder when you urinate, and your lungs when you breathe. What about your brain, your heart, your muscles, your kidneys, your pancreases, your spleen, your blood, your cells, and your liver? What is detoxing them?

      Energy, Detoxification, and acquiring raw materials (food/ vitamins/ minerals/ amino acids/ carbohydrates/ lipids/water and oxygen) are the MOST important for life and health. What are you doing about them? We think about energy and food but we never think about detoxification.

      When your body is toxic it retains water to dilute the toxins. It stores the toxins in fat cells. This makes the fat cell much bigger. The fat cells then secrete a hormone called obesegen which induces your body to make more fat cells. When you detox "properly" you induce the fat cells to release the toxins into the blood and the liver tries to remove the toxin by making it water soluble so it can be released in your stool or urine. When this happens, your fat cells shrink and the retained water is released. Hence you lose weight and inches.




      Detoxification is very important for your health. It is part of my Five Step Wellness Program. Chemical reactions in the body happen millions of times per second and are the source of all our energy. Unfortunately, with every chemical reaction you have exhaust (toxins). The more energy you produce the more toxins you produce. Hence, the athlete produces more energy and toxins in their body than the couch potato. You cannot be healthy or lose weight without "proper" detoxification.

      Toxins are primarily stored in fat cells. As you become more toxic your fat cells become larger and more numerous. When you detox "properly" your fat cells shrink and you lose inches and weight. We all think of environmental toxins but that pales in comparison to toxins produced from chemical reactions in our body.

      Sources of Toxins in our Bodies

      Toxins come from the Environment, Lifestyle, and Internal.

      Environmental Toxins

      Example of Environment toxins are polluted air from factories, auto exhaust, heavy metals, radiation, inhalants, solvents (paint and cleaning products), pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides.

      Lifestyle Toxins

      Example of Lifestyle toxins are nicotine, alcohol, caffeine, recreational drugs, prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, meats that contain hormones and antibiotics, refined foods and sugars, fast foods, fried foods, artificial food additives, coloring and preservatives.

      Internal Toxins

      Examples of Internal toxins are exhausts from our 100 trillion cells, our trillions of bacteria, viruses and yeast/ fungus, undigested food, by-product of metabolic reactions (carbon dioxide, ammonia, hormones), stress, unresolved trauma or abuse, and unhappy relationships (spousal/ significant others, relative, boss, co-worker, friend).

      Benefits of Detoxification

      The benefits of Detoxification include:

      • Improved performance
      • Increased energy / vitality
      • Better digestion, Lessening of GI symptoms
      • Clearer Skin, Shinier Hair
      • Better sleep, Clearer Thinking and memory
      • Improvement in Diabetes, Hypertension, Joint and muscle pains and other medical conditions
      • Improvement in body composition, decreased fat, increased muscle, weight reduction

      Take the Isabody 16 weeks challenge with me and transform your health.

      1. 2 delicious nutrient dense low glycemic 36gm shakes and 1 clean meal per day
      2. 1 detox day per week.
      3. 20 min exercise 3-4 days per week

      Detoxing 1 day per week increases growth hormone levels 1300% for women and 2000% for men

      Whole Body Detoxification

      Or The APEX 30 day detox to Remove, Replace, Reinoculate, and Revive (The 4-R Program) your body.

      The program introduces dietary support of detox processes, lifestyle practices that support detox, the elimination of toxins through the stimulation of excretory organs through homeopathy, and the support of liver detox pathways. Additionally, four weeks of education, guidance, menus and meal plans, goal tracking system and nutritional information are provided.

      The 4-R Program has four stages.  

      1. Removal stage — Food allergens are eliminated from the diet to support the Intestinal Immune System
      2. Replacement Stage — Supports the digestive system with enzymes and targeted nutrients for biliary health
      3. Reinoculate Stage — Supplying healthy bacteria to support the gut flora
      4. Revive Stage — Supplies the GI environment with nutrients to support the gastrointestinal lining

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