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Acne Treatments

Do you or one of your children suffer from acne? Acne is a common condition usually associated with teenagers, but may also affect adults. A few recurring pimples constitutes mild acne, whereas tens or hundreds of inflamed areas signifies severe acne.

Unfortunately, it has been shown that a person cannot typically treat acne on his or her own. Since acne has been proven to be unrelated to such lifestyle factors as diet or hygiene, changes in these lifestyle factors are ineffective. Living with acne can lead to anxiety, antisocial behavior, and scars that can last a lifetime.

Long-term relief from acne is possible with The Wellness and Aesthetics Medical Center. Treatment is traditionally topical or with antibodies, but laser therapy has proven to be a faster and more precise way to remedy acne and acne scars. Laser therapy is a process whereby a laser technician will heat the sebaceous glands in the dermis (top layer) of the skin. This reduces oil production, leading to noticeable reductions in active acne in two to four weeks. Results of this acne treatment have been documented to last up to 6 months.

Also Available: Karastick Boost

If you or your child wishes to attain lasting relief from acne, then set up an appointment with The Wellness and Aesthetics Medical Center today by calling (210) 338-8228.

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