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      Cellulite Treatment in San Antonio TX

      Cellulite Treatment San Antonio TX

      Cellulite Facts

      • 80-90% of post-pubertal females suffer from cellulite
      • Cellulite is not a substance and cannot be surgically eliminated
      • Cellulite is caused by inconsistent rigidity of collagen columns just below skin's surface
      • Appearance of cellulite is not correlated to obesity - even thin women deal with cellulite

      Cellulite Treatments

      There has not been a reliable treatment for cellulite until recently. Even weight reduction is not a cure of cellulite.

      Synergie Aesthetic Massage System

      Unlike other clinics, which treat cellulite with unreliable creams, The Wellness & Aesthetics Medical Center utilizes the Synergie Aesthetic Massage System (AMS) to reduce cellulite.

      The FDA-approved Synergie machine employs a revolutionary vacuum massage technology that has been proven to enhance skin smoothness. Synergie has been the cellulite solution for countless happy patients.


      Another innovative and incredibly effective cellulite treatment option we offer is EmTone. The FDA-cleared EmTone device is the first and only device which simultaneously delivers both thermal and mechanical energy. It treats all of the significant contributing factors that lead to cellulite.

      Using targeted pressure and radiofrequency energy, this therapeutic treatment is able to address the root causes of cellulite formation. During the EmTone treatment, the targeted tissue is heated to an ideal temperature to stimulate new collagen formation – leading to the ultimate elimination of cellulite.

      With each EmTone session, your skin responds by creating new collagen that eventually will smooth over cellulite. At the same time, the EmTone device emits acoustic waves that prevent fluid buildup, while boosting blood circulation – effectively jumpstarting skin cell regeneration. EmTone treats different types of cellulites and tightens loose skin, giving you the smooth, youthful-looking, dimple-free skin you were born with.

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