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Everyone deserves to have enjoyable sex. However, several factors can negatively affect this most-private and intimate experience.

Vaginal dryness and vaginal pain during sex can make intercourse uncomfortable. And then there’s an inability to have orgasms, which can lead to dissatisfaction.

Created by Charles Runels, MD, the O-Shot (Orgasm Shot) aims to address these issues and more. It utilizes regenerative PRP to encourage tissue growth in the vagina. One appointment at The Wellness & Aesthetics Medical Center may give you results that last a year.

Dr. Williams has received the necessary training to perform this trademarked form of vaginal rejuvenation. Don’t wait for the chance to improve our sex life – call (210) 338-8228 or contact us online to receive your first O-Shot in San Antonio, TX, today.

What is the O-Shot?

The O-Shot is an injection prepared from Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) to rejuvenate the vagina and treat sexual dysfunction, incontinence, and other issues.

How Does the O-Shot Use PRP?

PRP is a concentration of platelets prepared from your own blood. PRP is used in regenerative medicine, such as for helping to heal sports injuries.

When injected into the vagina, the growth factors in the O-Shot are believed to make new nerves, blood vessels, fatty tissue, and collagen. The result is thought to be a vagina that’s more sensitive, plumper, and with improved texture.

O-Shot is used for:

  • greater vaginal lubrication
  • lowered vaginal pain with sex
  • heightened orgasms
  • alleviated stress incontinence (via support to the urethra)

Other issues that the O-Shot addresses include:

  • vaginal atrophy
  • reduced feeling in the clitoris
  • reduced sexual desire
  • interstitial cystitis
  • lichen sclerosus
  • lichen planus

Your O-Shot Procedure

Dr. Williams will first meet with you to determine if you are a good candidate for the O-Shot.

The O-Shot procedure will likely take about a half-hour. PRP is first prepared by drawing a blood sample from your arm and spinning it in a machine to separate the plasma from the rest of the blood.

The PRP will then be injected into your vaginal tissues. This aims to trigger new tissue growth 3 weeks after your appointment.

You may receive numbing cream beforehand to reduce potential discomfort. Dr. Williams will discuss with you how many injections you’ll receive, and exactly where.

O-Shot Results

There is little to no downtime after the injections, and you can have sexual intercourse later that night. You’ll likely start to feel increased vaginal sensitivity within a week after your appointment.

For several days, it is common to experience bruising, bleeding, and soreness from the needles. Tell Dr. Williams if you experience any other side effects.

The results of the O-Shot may last for about a year, though it might take up to 3 months for the new tissues to completely grow.

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