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      Hormone Pellet Therapy San Antonio, TX

      Hormone Pellet Therapy Specialist in San Antonio, TX

      For men and women, hormone replacement therapy can reduce the unwelcome effects of hormonal shifts. Hormone levels can change due to various things and there are also various methods to supplementing hormones.

      Hormone pellet therapy with bioidentical hormones can provide the benefits of hormones for up to six months without the side effects experienced by using some synthetic hormones. Hormone pellet therapy slowly releases a consistent dose of hormones bringing balance to your hormones without unwanted fluctuations in levels.

      Hormone Levels Change as We Age

      As we age, hormone levels start to fluctuate. For women, entering perimenopause and menopause means estrogen and progesterone rise and fall erratically and eventually settle at much lower levels once a woman reaches post-menopause. Hot flashes, mood swings, decreased libido, and sexual dysfunction can all occur when estrogen and progesterone are off-balance.

      For men, testosterone starts to slowly decrease with time. Testosterone is responsible for stamina, mood stabilization, sexual performance, and maintaining muscle mass. As testosterone decreases, all these areas can be negatively affected and lead to troublesome symptoms.

      Estrogen & Progesterone

      Testosterone and Low Testosterone (Low-T)

      Hormone Pellet Therapy

      Hormone replacement therapy can help relieve some of the common symptoms related to hormone fluctuation. Bioidentical hormones provide the best results when it comes to hormone replacement therapy. Bioidentical hormones have the same molecular structures as the hormones in your body which leads to fewer side effects when compared to synthetic hormones.

      Studied for more than 80 years, pellet therapy is used on five continents. For those concerned about sustained use of pellet therapy, clinical data supports its long-term effectiveness and safety. The pellets are totally biodegradable, leaving no residue under the skin.

      Pellet therapy also supports those adhering to ethical vegetarian and vegan lifestyles. The estrogen and testosterone used in the pellets are extracted from natural plant sources and compounded according to strict federal guidelines.

      Benefits of Hormone Pellet Therapy

      Hormone pellet therapy involves the use of pellets placed in the fatty tissue under the skin. Hormone pellets are smaller than a grain of rice but can provide a constant release of hormones for up to six months.

      Pellet therapy has been clinically shown to be effective against a variety of symptoms in women as their estrogen levels decline. It can help:

      • maintain bone density.
      • improve sleep quality.
      • alleviate migraine or menstrual headaches.

      For women experiencing deterioration in sexual well-being, pellet therapy can restore a lackluster sex drive, enhance sexual response, and decrease painful vaginal dryness. In women who suffer from incontinence, pellet therapy can reduce urinary urgency and frequency.

      Men who suffer from low testosterone can see benefits of improved libido and decreased fatigue with hormone pellet therapy. Men who have challenges in achieving or maintaining an erection can also see improvement with pellet therapy.

      Both men and women using pellet therapy can see improved skin tone and hair texture. For some, muscle mass and bone density will build up as fat melts away. This can lead to increased strength, coordination, and physical performance.

      What to Expect During Your Visit?

      If you’re considering hormone pellet therapy, you may be wondering what the procedure is like.

      At The Wellness and Aesthetics Medical Center, Dr. Williams uses BioTE hormone pellets, which are bioidentical hormones to bring balance to hormone balance to both men and women.

      Before your pellet insertion, Dr. Williams will measure your hormone levels through a blood draw. This helps him and his team determine your specific dosing of hormones since no two patients are the same.

      The procedure itself is short and only takes a few minutes. The area where the pellet will be inserted is numbed and a small incision is then made for the pellet to be inserted. The most common insertion area is the upper buttocks. After the procedure is complete, you’ll only have a small bandage covering the site.

      Dr. Williams may advise you to avoid certain activities for a few days to reduce any risk for infection, but overall downtime is limited.

      People usually start to feel the benefits of pellet therapy after a few weeks. Your starting hormone levels and response to the hormone pellet therapy will determine how frequently you will need pellet therapy.

      The pellets dissolve completely into the body, leaving nothing behind, so there is no need to remove pellets after you’ve had pellet therapy.

      Hormone Pellet Therapy in San Antonio

      If you’re looking for hormone pellet therapy in the San Antonio, TX area – The Wellness and Aesthetics Medical Center is here for you. Dr. Williams and his team are well-trained and eager to help you find relief from hormonal imbalance.

      Dr. Williams uses the BioTE method of pellet therapy to bring you the best products and results when searching for hormone balance. To schedule your appointment with Dr. Williams, call (210) 985-1700 or contact us online today!

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