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      Menopause is the permanent cessation of ovulation and menstruation in women and is accompanied by decreased female hormone production. The transition to menopause occurs in the years before the menstrual period stops and can lead to symptoms related to the hormone fluctuations that are happening at that time. However, due to the interactions between hormones and neurotransmitters, the symptoms associated with menopause may be caused by more than a simple hormone imbalance. Addressing neurotransmitters as well as hormones can be helpful in the management of symptoms that were previously thought to be the result of hormones only.

      A New Scientific Approach to Menopause

      Menopausal issues are often addressed as only a hormone issue, but neurotransmitters are also related to hormones and can lead to clinical symptoms if they become imbalanced. Evaluation of hormone and neurotransmitter levels can assist your healthcare provider in selecting an appropriate treatment plan for your specific symptoms and imbalances.


      • Hot flashes
      • Mood swings
      • Night sweats
      • Decreased sex drive
      • Pain during intercourse
      • Increased anxiety or irritability
      • The need to urinate more often

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