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      Testosterone Replacement Therapy

      Everyone goes through changes as they get older. However, certain hormone fluctuations can cause a domino effect of sorts.

      Testosterone is a hormone whose levels naturally begin dropping at middle-age. However, issues like injury and disease may cause that decline sooner. In men, low testosterone (low-T) may cause symptoms like low libido and hair loss.

      Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) at the Wellness & Aesthetics Medical Center may return your testosterone to optimal levels. The BHRT might impact your life for the better, such as helping with exercise recovery and work productivity.

      To begin your journey and get on top of signs of imbalanced testosterone, please call our San Antonio, TX location at (210) 985-1700 or contact us online today!

      What Is Testosterone?

      Testosterone is a male sex hormone (androgen). Besides its effect on libido and sperm production, the hormone plays other important roles in the body, including its role in fat distribution and bone mass.

      As men reach the age of 40, their hormone levels begin to decline.

      Symptoms of Low Testosterone

      There are numerous symptoms of low testosterone (low-T). The most common may include:

      • Shrunken testicles
      • Infertility
      • Hot flashes
      • Gynecomastia
      • Low libido erectile dysfunction
      • Sleeping difficulties
      • Hair loss
      • Reduced strength
      • Lowered bone mass chronic fatigue
      • Weight gain
      • Lowered memory
      • Depression

      What Causes Low Testosterone?

      Besides natural decline with aging, causes of low testosterone may include:

      • Reduced cholesterol
      • Low vitamin or mineral levels
      • Stress
      • Chemotherapy
      • Chronic conditions like type 2 diabetes and obesity
      • Testicular infections
      • Toxic metals
      • Certain medications or drugs
      • STDs like HIV

      Testicular cancer or injuries to the testicles may also cause testosterone imbalances.

      Why Use BHRT?

      Formulated from sources like soy and yams, bioidentical hormones used in BHRT are made to be molecularly-identical to hormones made in your body. While both bioidentical and synthetic testosterone are produced in a lab, synthetic testosterone may be altered from original testosterone.

      Dr. Williams uses BHRT to balance hormone levels because bioidentical hormones may cause fewer side effects compared to synthetic hormones.

      Additionally, synthetic testosterone may not be as bioavailable as bioidentical, meaning that the latter hormone may be better handled by the body.

      Benefits of Testosterone BHRT

      Benefits of testosterone BHRT may include:

      • Heightened sex drive
      • Heightened energy
      • Better mood better cognitive function
      • Reduced abdominal fat
      • Better cardiovascular health

      BHRT for low-T may reduce your risk for conditions like osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease, and heart disease.

      What to Expect From Testosterone Replacement Therapy

      Dr. Williams will order a blood test to determine whether a testosterone imbalance is causing your symptoms.

      If hormone therapy is prescribed, your BHRT may be delivered through several methods. Dr. Williams will discuss with you the testosterone delivery method and dose that’s ideal for you:

      • Topical gels/creams
      • Skin patches
      • Pills
      • Muscle shots
      • Subdermal, injected pellets

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