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      IV Therapy

      Don’t underestimate the importance of nutrients. It’s believed that disease can be caused by nutrient deficiencies, as well as by certain toxins invading the body.

      It’s thought that nutrients like Vitamin C and Glutathione can address these issues. Unfortunately, the oral intake of nutrients is often insufficient – there’s only so much Vitamin C that you can consume before you experience an upset stomach.

      IV Therapy delivers important nutrients directly into your bloodstream to provide you with the highest possible levels while avoiding potential gastric symptoms. With IV infusions, Dr. Williams treats digestive issues like ulcerative colitis and infections like hepatitis.

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      IV Nutritional Therapy San Antonio TX

      What is IV Therapy?

      IV (intravenous) Therapy is the delivery of nutrients like vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream. IV Therapy is used to deliver nutrients to the cells more efficiently.


      Dr. Vernon Willims discusses Nutrition - Raw Materials Your Body Needs


      Is IV Therapy for Me?

      IV Therapy may be especially beneficial for those with the following digestive issues:

      • Low stomach acid
      • Food sensitivities
      • Leaky gut
      • Irritable bowel syndrome
      • Food allergies

      These issues can interfere with the intestinal breaking-down of food, meaning that much of the nutrients are excreted rather than absorbed through the digestive tract lining and sent to the bloodstream.

      How Does IV Therapy Work?

      By delivering the nutrients directly into your bloodstream, IV therapy avoids digestive issues, gastric symptoms, and nutrient dosing limitations, providing nutrients at a higher concentration then consuming them orally would.

      IV Therapies at The Wellness & Aesthetics Medical Center usually take about 30 minutes to 2 hours to perform in our office. You’ll relax during the entire visit. Dr. Williams will explain to you any aftercare instructions, how soon you can expect to see results, and how long the effects of IV Therapy will last.

      IV Nutrition San Antonio TX

      What Can IV Therapy Treat?

      IV Therapy can be used to improve a wide number of conditions, such as:

      • Gluten sensitivity
      • Anxiety
      • Claudication
      • Arrhythmia
      • Shingles
      • Yeast infection
      • Dysbiosis
      • Gastritis
      • Intestinal parasites
      • Chronic sinusitis
      • Chronic fatigue syndrome
      • Adrenal fatigue
      • Ulcerative colitis
      • Crohn's disease
      • Fibromyalgia
      • Angina
      • Migraine
      • Depression
      • Diabetes
      • Hypertension
      • Hepatitis
      • Asthma
      • Parkinson's disease
      • HIV
      • Cancer
      • Viral & Bacterial Infections
      • Detoxification
      • Improve Energy
      • Lyme’s disease

      IV Therapy is also used to address nutrient deficiencies caused by surgical procedures like gastric bypass, lap band, and gallbladder removal, as well as for liver detoxification and wound healing.

      IV Therapy Procedures

      There are many types of IV Therapy, each using their own nutrient or combination of nutrients. Before receiving your IV drip, Dr. Williams will review your medical history to determine which therapy is best for your condition:

      • Myers Cocktail – a combination of vitamin C, magnesium, vitamin B12, and calcium to fight disease and help the immune system
      • High Dose Vitamin C – this antioxidant helps strengthen the immune system
      • IV Glutathione – this antioxidant is used for detox
      • IV EDTA Chelation – uses ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid to remove toxic metals from the body
      • Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy – causes the release of oxygen molecules to fight disease and remove toxins
      • Phosphatidylcholine – can improve cellular membrane integrity to bring nutrients into the cells and remove toxins from them
      • IV Arginine – this amino acid is especially useful for treating cardiovascular conditions and healing wounds

      Other IV Therapies include Energy Infusion, Chronic Fatigue Protocol, and a Hepatitis Protocol. Dr. Williams will explain these to you in more detail.


      Dr. Vernon Willims discusses IV Nutrition

      IV Therapy and IV Nutrition

      Intravenous, or IV, nutrition is a method of administering nutrients that is more efficient than ingesting pills due to limitations of the digestive process. With IV nutrition, the nutrients flow directly into your bloodstream, allowing for a higher rate of absorption. IV Nutrition is useful in cases where a patient needs to overcome a virus, whose elimination may call for a certain level of a particular vitamin. This level is attainable with IV Nutrition but not with medicine consumed orally.

      Customized Viatmin Therapy

      IV Nutrition

      IV Nutritional Therapies Frequently Asked Questions

      What is intravenous nutritional therapy?

      IV nutritional therapy is a treatment by which vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients are slowly administered via a small needle in the patient's vein.

      Why consider IV nutritional therapy?

      Intravenous Nutrition

      Many illnesses and medical conditions associated with digestive disturbances, such as malabsorption, food sensitivities, and leaky gut syndrome cause the body to fail at absorbing many crucial nutrients. Stressful situations can cause the body to use certain nutrients at a faster rate or require higher amounts for proper healing. Some common medications deplete the body's supply of particular nutrients, creating deficiencies over time.

      How does IV nutritional therapy work?

      When nutrients are delivered intravenously, the digestive system is bypassed and 100% nutrient absorption is achieved. Introducing nutrients intravenously opens circulation to the cells of your body so that they can easily obtain the nutrients needed to repair, heal, and function.

      What can be treated with IV nutritional therapy?

      IV nutritional therapy can be used to treat the following conditions:

      • Adrenal fatigue
      • Stress
      • Fibromyalgia
      • Chronic fatigue syndrome
      • Depression
      • Asthma
      • Infection
      • Weak immune response
      • Immunotoxicity
      • Bronchitis
      • Increase recovery time from illness/injury
      • Detoxify free radicals and heavy metals

      What are the benefits of IV nutritional therapies?

      • Injectable solutions are not affected by malabsorption
      • Total amount of solution is absorbed and available to the tissues
      • Nutrients are given to the cells at a high concentration
      • High doses of nutrients can be delivered without intestinal irritation

      What are the risks and side effects of IV nutritional therapies?

      Risks of intravenous nutritional therapy comfort, bruising, and pain at the site of injection; inflammation of the vein used for injection; severe allergic reactions.

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