Medical Weight Reduction

HCG Diet

  • HCG is a Healthy Natural Hormone your body makes which Can Naturally Suppress Appetite
  • HCG Resets Your Hypothalamus so that Your Weight Reduction is Lasting
  • HCG Can Help Re-sculpt Your Body so you are not flabby when you reach your desired weight
  • It increases Your Energy while burning fat
  • You may lose Up To 1 - 2 Pounds Per Day
  • It is safe For Both Men And Women and inexpensive compared to other diets
  • HCG Releases 1500-4000 Calories From Stored Fat Each Day

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When your body is toxic it retains water to dilute the toxins. It stores the toxins in fat cells. This makes the fat cell much bigger. The fat cells then secrete a hormone called obesegen, which induces your body to make more fat cells. When you detox "properly" you induce the fat cells to release the toxins into the blood and the liver tries to remove the toxin by making it water-soluble so it can be released in your stool or urine. When this happens, your fat cells shrink and the retained water is released. Hence you lose weight and inches.

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