April 5, 2011 | ISSUE: 1


Welcome patients, friends and neighbors! Spring is here, and it's the perfect time for The Wellness & Aesthetics Medical Center to introduce our first newsletter. We want to thank all of you for being such loyal customers and for your overwhelming interest in all of our new health and wellness treatments. We are very excited about this newsletter and hope that it serves to keep you informed about our products and services, provide you advanced notice on any seasonal or monthly promotions or events we have coming up, and allow you to hear from and connect with other patients and community members looking to improve their health, stay young and active, and be rejuvenated!

Now that bikini season is fast approaching, many of you are scheduling vacations and making plans to hit the beach. Stop by The Wellness & Aesthetics Center and take a look at some of our Spring specials that will keep you looking-and feeling-beautiful and fresh!

Others of you may feel like you just can't keep the weight off, and may feel uncomfortable getting in a swimsuit because of some extra belly fat or "love handles" that just won't go away. We've got you covered! Call us today at (210) 338-8228 to make an appointment and find out more about the benefits of Pure-Lipo Body Sculpting, a simple, outpatient procedure that will help you finally get rid of that extra fat that never seems to go away.

Pure-Lipo Body Sculpting is less invasive than traditional liposuction, as it does not require general anesthesia and there is no tunneling of fat, dimpling, or damage of the deep dermis. It is also more affordable than traditional lipsuction, yet provides awesome results that will be visible in as little as 10 days! The procedure lasts only two hours and most patients can return to their work, errands and even mild exercise routines within 48 hours. After the procedure, you will schedule six additional visits for follow-up synergy treatments, which will help with contouring your body and cellulite. You will see significant results after 2 weeks and total results within 4 months after your body absorbs any excess fluid.

Pure-Body Lipo Sculpting is the first step in our 5-step wellness & preventative program, a comprehensive health & wellness program specially designed by Dr. Vernon Williams that will increase your energy, revitalize your entire body inside and out, and boost your confidence, all within three months! The program can be tailored to your specific body type, health conditions and goals, and we will work with you to ensure that you are achieving optimal results.

If you've been feeling lethargic, depressed, or moody, take control of your life and give us a call today! NOW is your opportunity to treat your mind and body by regulating your hormones, detoxifying your body, refreshing your skin, and ultimately lifting your spirits. Call us today to get more information about our 5-step wellness & preventative program or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Williams to find out more about Pure-Body Lipo Sculpting. The new YOU is waiting!

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