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      Corporate Wellness Programs in San Antonio, TX

      Show employees you care with a TWAAMC Corporate Wellness Program

      Corporate Wellness Program San Antonio TX

      Business owners and leaders increasingly recognize that the health of their workforce is tied directly to the health of their workers.

      A TWAAMC corporate wellness program can achieve the following:

      • Improve executive or employee concentration, memory, speech, motor skills, sleep, energy level, emotional balance. Additionally, services offered through a corporate wellness program can optimize educational, work and athletic performance.
      • Improve the executive or employee health with weight reduction, hormonal optimization, whole body detoxification and nutritional optimization.
      • Improve or decrease aging with age analysis and decrease the rate of aging of your executive or employee.
      • Reduce stress, chronic pain syndromes, and seasonal, environmental and food allergies each of which are major contributors to premature aging, increased absenteeism and decreased job performance.

      Healthier employees can reduce their absences and accelerate their return to work following work-related and non-work-related illnesses, accidents or procedures. Effective wellness programs can reduce health insurance claims, lessening the overall costs to your company and employees; trim disability payments; and minimize wages for replacement workers.

      TWAAMC Wellness can develop group and custom programs that advance your company's wellness strategies.

      General Medicine & Executive Physicals

      A healthy corporate leadership means a healthy company. But between meetings, overseeing projects and balancing the demands of clients and vendors, proper health care often can be put on the back burner for corporate and small business leaders. A TWAAMC wellness plan can accommodate the demanding lifestyle and time constraints faced by executives to ensure they remain healthy.

      Anti-Aging Medicine and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

      It may not always be noticeable to an individual, but the subtle emotional changes of aging can have a huge impact on the overall morale of a workforce. Helping employees age gracefully through a TWAAMC corporate wellness program helps create and maintain a pleasant work environment for current employees and a place that remains on the radar of potential future hires.

      Stress management

      Happy and Confident Employees

      Not everyone starts out with the tools necessary to navigate the demands of a given position. For some, his may result in excessive "mental health" days off from work. For others, inability to manage stress may have a direct effect on the atmosphere in the workplace. TWAAMC can help employees examine the way they handle stress, identify negative triggers for behaviors and establish positive coping mechanisms.

      Medical Weight Reduction

      Obesity leads to several complex issues, including high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease, each of which in turn can lead to increased time off from work and decreased productivity. Appropriate for both men and women, the HCG True Diet also is less expensive overall than other diets. Employees who lose weight through a TWAAMC corporate wellness program also will experience greater energy.

      Neurotransmitter (Brain Hormone) Testing

      Anxiety and mood disturbances are often is a symptom of stress coupled with brain chemistry imbalances that leads to alteration in perception, cognition and emotional balance . This can leading to excessive time away from work and challenges in the work environment. Neurotransmitter testing as part of a TWAAMC corporate wellness program can identify behavioral dysfunction and its root causes, leading to effective treatments.

      NeuroIntegration (Biofeedback) Testing

      Neurofeedback helps to improve functions such as concentration, memory, speech, motor skills, sleep, energy level, emotional balance, and optimizes educational, work, and athletic performance. A multi-sensory system reconditions employees by balancing the brain and regulating the nervous system so they abandon habits and patterns that hamper productivity and perception.

      PhysioAge (Age Analysis) Testing

      Happy Executive

      Preventing or slowing disease is more effective than treating it once it has advanced. A PhysioAge analysis as part of a TWAAMC corporate wellness program allows your employees to get a good idea of their body's current age level based on the health of its systems and allows them to adjust habits and plan for potential changes as they age.

      Customized Vitamin Therapy

      Each individual has a unique lifestyle with nutrition and exercise habits that vary. These variations can affect overall health. Customized vitamin therapy as part of a TWAAMC corporate wellness program can ensure your employees are receiving the nutrition they need to maintain optimal physical and mental health.

      Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Testing

      Stress and anxiety can have a decidedly adverse effect on heart health. Non-invasive heart rate variability testing as part of a TWAAMC corporate wellness program develops an overall picture of an individual's heart health, leading to effective treatments and prevention of heart attack, disability, and in some instances, premature death.

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