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      Wellness Program San Antonio, TX

      Comprehensive Prevention & Wellness Program

      After years of research and training, Dr. Vernon Williams has designed a comprehensive prevention & wellness program. Our objective is to help individuals achieve optimum quality of health and longevity of life by optimizing hormones and nutrition.

      Have you ever asked yourself what's really important in your life? Is it health, happiness, longevity, quality of life, or stress-free lifestyle? We've designed a 5-step wellness program that will re-invent your body, give you energy, and improve your quality of life within three months. The 5-step wellness program is designed to adapt to each individual's needs. Not everyone may need all of the five steps.

      Most of us spend our short lives worrying about material objectives, trying to make a living and taking care of others while completely ignoring our own physical and mental health. 8 out of 10 American adults are suffering from obesity, which leads to diseases, lack of energy, and an unfulfilled lifestyle. Let us help you get a new start on life with our three-month program, customized to your body's needs. Make the decision today to change your life forever!

      5-Steps to Wellness

      Our 5-step wellness & preventative program consists of:

      1. Tickle Lipo
      2. Whole Body Detoxification
      3. Medical Weight Reduction
      4. Anti-Aging Medicine / Bioidential Hormone Replacemen Therapy (BHRT)
      5. Customized Vitamins & IV Nutrition

      Five Steps Wellness Program

      Other Wellness Services

      1. Thyroid Disease / Hypothyroidism
      2. Energy Medicine
      3. Stem Cell Therapy
      4. Lyme Disease
      5. PRP Treatments
      6. Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
      7. NeuroTransmitter Testing
      8. Neurointegration (Neurofeedback)
      9. Physioage Testing
      10. Pellet Therapy
      11. IV Nutrition
      12. Integrative Cancer Therapy
      13. Stress Management
      14. Allergy Testing & Treatment
      15. Leaky Gut
      16. Urinary Incontinence
      17. Overtraining Syndrome

      Benefits of Human Growth Hormone

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